Betting Odds Show There’s A New Favorite To Secure Dem Nomination

If it seems like the more time that Joe Biden spends in Iowa, the worse that his shot at winning the caucuses become it is not a mere coincidence. 

In news that may well put the fear of God into the DNC and crooked Democratic party apparatus, Bernie Sanders has roared into the lead one week before Hawkeye State Democrats cast their votes. 

Despite being held hostage in Washington by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, the feisty old socialist is now the favorite to win in Iowa and that momentum could carry into the New Hampshire primary which is right in Bernie’s back yard. 

If Bernie wins both, then he’s going to have a full head of steam going into the heart of the primary season and it could lead to his socialist swarm celebrating his nomination. 

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According to the updated betting odds for the 2020 nomination by Real Clear Politics, Bernie has overcome a double-digit deficit in the last seventeen days and is now leading Barack Obama’s former second banana by four points. 

Via The Daily Caller, “Betting Odds Upset: Bernie Blows Past Biden, Bloomberg In Third”:

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has blown past former Vice President Joe Biden, taking a commanding lead in RealClearPolitics’ Betting Odds Average.

Sanders, who just 17 days ago trailed Biden by nearly ten points, now leads the former vice president by just under four points. Sanders’ betting odds are figured at 38.1 with Biden’s 3.4 points behind at 34.7. That’s almost the inverse of their positions on January 10, when Biden came in at 36.1 to Sanders’ 26.7. 

The news comes as Biden makes a furious late push for a win that he absolutely has to have and will have nobody to blame but himself if he is unable to capitalize on the gift of impeachment that has kept Sanders and Liz Warren in the Senate – and will do so for weeks if Mitt Romney gets his way on witnesses. 

Frustration continues to build over the resilient Sanders with Hillary Clinton attacking him and Obama mulling a public condemnation of him to sink him before his campaign gathers momentum. 

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As for Biden, his “No Malarkey” bus tour of rural parts of the state was mocked for it’s out of date nickname that elicited much mockery and reinforced the idea that the septuagenarian gaffe machine is too old and out of touch to appeal to millennials. 

He also has been his own worst enemy by piling up gaffes, forgetting names, drifting off into the fog of senility during speeches and at times, getting confrontational with voters who ask him sensitive questions.

Like when he called a retired voter a fat “damn liar” and challenged him to a push-up contest.  

If Bernie isn’t derailed now, the DNC will have a runaway train on their hands that will make roadkill out of good old Joe months before it pulls into the station in Milwaukee for this summer’s contested convention. 

That could very spoil the plans of Mrs. Clinton who has finally revealed the big secret that most have known since the day after the 2016 election – she’s running again. 

But before bitter Hillary gets a shot to avenge her humiliation at the hands of President Trump, she will once again be bedeviled by Bernie who isn’t as likely to fall in line as he did last time around when he was screwed over by her stooges at the DNC.

By that time, Biden will be an afterthought although he will be immortalized in the punch lines of jokes from smarmy pro-Hilary late night TV hosts.  

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