Biden Administration Allegedly Knew About John Bolton’s Assassination Threat


The disclosure that an Iranian operative tried to kill former National Security Adviser John Bolton was “far overdue,” former US officials told The Post. It shows the Biden administration hid Tehran’s malicious efforts to keep alive negotiations about re-entering the 2015 nuclear agreement.

The Justice Department disclosed Shahram Poursafi’s indictment two days after Vienna negotiators reached a “final draft” of an agreement. All parties are now discussing in their capitals whether to approve it.

The negotiations are pretty much complete at this point,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters at the White House on Aug. 4, later adding: “We’re not going to wait forever for Iran to take this deal — the deal on the table. They ought to take it.

The Poursafi charge details his attempts to put up a hit on Bolton for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from October 2021 to April 2022. The plan was “likely” in retribution for the US execution of IRGC leader Qassem Soleimani in January 2020.

Longtime Iran observers say the threat against Bolton and other US officials began after Soleimani was killed in a US drone attack at Baghdad’s airport. Gabriel Noronha, a Jewish Institute for National Defense of America fellow and erstwhile State Department Iran Action Group adviser, claimed it’s been going on since 2020. “This is just sort of the first official unveiling of an indictment, which is sort of long overdue.

In March, the Washington Examiner claimed, citing a DOJ source, that “at least two Iranians affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ covert-action Quds Force” were preparing to kill Bolton, while other Biden officials resisted publicizing an arrest “for concern that it may impede their quest for a nuclear agreement.”

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Former deputy assistant defense secretary for the Middle East Simone Leeden told The Post the administration “should have acted sooner” to unseal Poursafi’s conviction. “If they had this much evidence for so long and didn’t indict for ‘diplomatic reasons,’ why? They’re protecting the [Iranian] regime,” Leeden said. “I mean, there’s no other way of looking at it. They protect the dictatorship, not John Bolton. So yeah, I mean, it’s hard to understand; it’s hard to come up with any other reason why they would have delayed this much.” Noronha claimed the DOJ has done “the Lord’s work” and been “the most forceful” agency against Iran. “I blame NSC and State, who are trying to meddle in this … [and] trying to temper DOJ’s sort of public comments and prosecution.

A former national security official commented that the timing of the Poursafi charge “leads one to wonder if the administration kept this murder plan covert to coax Iran back into a nuclear deal.” A White House spokesman told The Post that the DOJ’s claim that a public indictment would affect JCPOA discussions is untrue. The Department of Justice noted in March that charging decisions are based on facts, law, and federal prosecution guidelines.

Nathan Sales, the Trump administration’s counterterrorism coordinator, criticized the indictment’s phrasing. “The Iranian official hasn’t been charged with providing material support to a terrorist group, which seems apparent,” Sales said. “A material support allegation carries a more severe punishment than the murder-for-hire accusations against him.

Poursafi is wanted for “providing and trying to give material assistance to terrorists,” yet the FBI statement of his indictment doesn’t mention “terrorist” or “terrorism.”

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the Biden administration would safeguard and defend all Americans from violence and terrorism. That Iran will suffer harsh repercussions if it attacks any American, including current or former servicemembers.

I’m glad Jake Sullivan is saying what he’s saying. But the Iranians will still try to kill Americans,” Sales warned. “You must be far harsher to demonstrate the regime that attacking Americans on American territory will result in a terrible response that would far surpass any gain the Iranians expect to obtain by performing a terrorist act here.

Leeden called the DOJ’s statement “political.” The analysts claim Iran still represents a threat to US authorities, with Noronha saying to The Post the danger has “steadily grown.”

Per the former State Department official, any inquiry of Tehran’s evil acts should focus on “Iranian government agents” at the UN mission in Nyc and the Iranian Affairs Section in Washington. Noronha said, “they do shady stuff there.”

Tehran isn’t only after Bolton or erstwhile Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whom Poursafi reportedly declared he’d assassinate for $1 million. On July 31, a guy with an assault rifle was apprehended outside Masih Alinejad’s Brooklyn house.

Bolton told CNN that many individuals are vulnerable to Iran’s attempts and that the regime’s character encourages it to do so. He added, “and I think it’s a big mistake for the administration to continue to show weakness to Iran by begging to get back into the 2015 nuclear deal. It encourages Tehran to engage in terrorism.

The Iranian government has repeatedly provoked us, and we’ve stated no provocation is too big,” Sales added. “That’s terrible policy and bad diplomacy because it helps the Iranians. It’s weakening. Any settlement resulting from this mismatch will be terrible for American national security.

Wednesday, a White House official defended the administration’s determination to resurrect the nuclear agreement, saying, “President Biden will guarantee Iran never gets a nuclear weapon. He believes diplomacy is the best path to achieving that goal. As long as he believes pursuing JCPOA talks is in US national security interests, we will continue to do so.

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