Biden Campaign Ad Calls For National Mask Mandate

The Biden campaign has rolled out a new campaign ad designed to exploit the current state of fear over the coronavirus and it is a preview of the authoritarianism that will be imposed on America if the Dems steal the election. 

The ad panders to the lowest common denominator by blaming the “second wave” of the virus on President Trump and among other things, calling for Americans to be forced by the government to wear masks.

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It is evident that the Democrats are a sick entity that has used a national health crisis for political gain whether it be large blue state governors and their tyrannical economy-destroying lockdowns or traumatizing the nation’s children by canceling classes and forcing them to wear the suffocating masks for the entire day they just don’t quit. 

There may be levels to which the Democrats and Team Biden won’t sink to but it is hard to imagine what they would be. 

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Via Breitbart News:

The Biden campaign is deploying coronavirus-focused ads — one of which calls for a nationwide mask mandate “starting immediately” — across several crucial swing states as the general election draws nearer.

One of the ads, titled “Ready to Lead,” calls for a national mask mandate “starting immediately” and will run across six key battleground states —  Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

“Joe Biden knows we need to listen to medical experts and take action now,” the voiceover states. “That starts by expanding testing, calling for mask mandates nationwide starting immediately, and producing more protective gear here at home.”

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The ad comes after Biden called for governors to impose a three-month national mask mandate and to force people to wear the masks outdoors where there is less risk of catching the virus. 

The kicker? Lunchbucket Joe wrapped this fascist demand up in the guise of patriotism. 

Via Axios, “Biden calls for 3-month national mask mandate: “Be a patriot”:

Joe Biden called on governors to issue a three-month mandatory outdoor mask mandate on Thursday, telling reporters after receiving a coronavirus briefing that experts say it could save over 40,000 lives.

Why it matters: Biden was more aggressive and specific than he has been in previous calls to wear a mask, arguing that it will allow children to return to school sooner, businesses to reopen and help “get our country back on track.”

“Every single American should be wearing a mask, when they’re outside for the next three months, at a minimum. Every governor should mandate mandatory mask-wearing,” Biden said after a coronavirus briefing he received with his running mate, Kamala Harris, in Wilmington, Del.

“Look — this is America. Be a patriot. Protect your fellow citizens. Step up,” Biden said.

“That’s what real leadership looks like,” Harris said when taking the stage after Biden’s remarks. “We just witnessed real leadership.” The pair did not take questions from reporters.

The three-month mandate would conveniently last until after the election which is purely coincidental – at least according to the lack of such observations by the media.

Democrats and Biden are going to run on a platform constructed of fear,hatred and lies and if they can pull off the steal, the mandates won’t stop at masks.  

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