Biden Celebrates His 78th Birthday; WIll Be Oldest First Term POTUS Ever If Installed

Democrats may have crafted their cynical message to younger people and those of color but the fact remains that their candidate is just another privileged old white man of the type that is reviled by their base. 

Today, Joe Biden is even older as the media-crowned “winner” of the election just turned a spry 78-years old and if he is installed into the White House, will be the oldest first-term president in U.S. history. 

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Biden’s birthday and possible rendevous with history serves as an exclamation point on good old Joe from Scranton’s deteriorating mental condition that was kept out of the public eye as much as possible when his handlers hid him in his basement for months under the pretense of a national health crisis. 

Via The Guardian,“Happy birthday, Joe: 78-year-old Biden to be oldest US president to take office”:

Joe Biden is celebrating his 78th birthday on Friday, an age that will make him the oldest president ever to enter office when he is inaugurated on 20 January.

Biden’s age, which Donald Trump – four years his junior – sought to make an issue throughout the election campaign, including the nickname “Sleepy Joe”, is 23 years above an average 55 years of age for accession to the presidency.

Ronald Reagan, who also drew attention for his advancing years, was 69 when he entered office in 1981. Donald Trump was 70, making him the oldest person to be elected to the presidency – excluding Reagan’s re-election at 73.

The youngest elected president is John F Kennedy, who was 43 at the time of his inauguration and 46 at the time of his assassination on 22 November 1963, while the youngest to assume the presidency, after the assassination of William McKinley in 1901, was Theodore Roosevelt at 42.

As far as Biden’s physical health is concerned, his most recent publicly-issued medical assessment, released in December 2019, reported him as “healthy, vigorous … fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as chief executive, head of state and commander in chief.”

He was listed as 5ft11in tall, weighed 178 pounds, and had a blood pressure of 128/84 at that time. He had two brain aneurysms in 1988. In 2009, he had episodic atrial fibrillation. Biden does not smoke or drink alcohol and exercises five days a week, according to his physician.

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Lunchbucket Joe has always been prone to gaffes during his political career which has spanned five decades of swimming in the D.C. swamp but it became clear that he was rapidly being swallowed by senility during the grueling campaign. 

It hasn’t gotten much better since the election either. 

At this point, all that lunchbucket Joe has to do is fog a mirror and remain upright until his carcass can be dragged across the finish line if the media can finish the job of providing cover for the theft of the election from President Trump. 

There is no secret that the “real” president is going to be Kamala Harris once Biden has outlived his usefulness as a frontman for the radicals who could be sold to easily-duped, low-information voters who wouldn’t have been down with the ambitious Californian.