Biden Claims He “Got Involved” In Civil Rights Movement, But In 1987 He Said “I Was Not An Activist, I Wasn’t Marching”

Another day, another lie from Joseph Robinette Biden.

For some reason, Biden keeps repeating the claim that he was “involved” in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Ironically enough, his own words from 1987 debunk these very claims.

While rambling off an incoherent story today at the White House, Joe said, “And he looked at me and said ‘Joe, you should run.’ I said, but I’m — I feel strongly about all these issues, but I got involved in the civil rights movement, in the — he said ‘Joe, you should do it.’”

Watch below:

So there Biden is again, spouting off the claim that he got involved in the Civil Rights movement. However, during a speech in 1987, he flat out admitted he did no marching and he was “not an activist”.

Watch below:

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Which is it, Joe? Were you “involved”, or were you “not an activist”?

I don’t think he even knows.

Comment below with your response to Joe’s latest lie….

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