Biden Confronted With ‘Kids In Cages’ Photo From Obama Era — His Reaction Goes Viral

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was confronted face-to-face with an actual image proving the Obama administration put immigrant kids in "cages" at the U.S.-Mexico border and he was not happy about it.

During an interview Friday night with Univision News, anchor Jorge Ramos cited a September 2019 quote from Biden, where he said “we didn’t lock people in cages.” 


Ramos then showed Biden, former President Barack Obama’s vice president, that a photo of young boy being held in a cage in 2014.

You actually did,” Ramos said of Biden’s claim. “We found a picture of an 8-year-old boy from Honduras.”

Biden was visibly caught off guard and tried claiming the children they detained were unaccompanied and were held in cages for their own safety.

“Yes, and what happened was all the unaccompanied children were coming across the border,” Biden said. “We tried to get them out, we kept them safe, and get them out of the detention center … and get them into communities as quickly as we can.”

Biden then accused Ramos of lying by comparing Obama’s treatment of migrants to President Donald Trump’s administration.

“You know you’re not telling the truth here,” Biden said. “Look how quickly we got them out and got them back to families … we sought to get them into safe communities. We sought to get them out of the control of the [Department of ] Homeland Security.”


The man who served as the head of U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement under President Barack Obama has set the record straight this week on another media lie.

Thomas Homan said his boss, Obama, is the one who had the idea of putting illegal alien children in the “cages,” not President Donald Trump.

While speaking at a conference last year hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies, Homan stated: “I’ve been to that facility, where they talk about cages. That facility was built under President Obama under (Homeland Security) Secretary Jeh Johnson. I was there because I was there when it was built.”

Homan then recalled a Democratic chairman asking, “You still keeping kids in cages?”

He shot back: “I would answer the question, ‘The kids are being housed in the same facility built under the Obama administration.’ If you want to call them cages, call them cages. But if the left wants to call them cages and the Democrats want to call them cages then they have to accept the fact that they were built and funded in FY 2015.”

Homan set the record straight and calling out the media for pushing another lie about Trump.