Biden Demands That Trump Appoint A Coronavirus 'Supply Commander'

Fading out of the spotlight and desperate to remain relevant, Democrat front-runner Joe Biden is squawking that he would be able to manage the coronavirus crisis better than President Trump. 

In his latest effort to undermine emergency efforts to keep the nation safe in the midst of a historic health calamity, lunchbucket Joe is demanding that Trump take his advice by appointing what he calls a coronavirus "supply commander" to manage logistics. 


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The presumptive nominee joined disgraced former anchorman 'lyin Brian Williams on DNC propaganda network MSNBC to spew disinformation and foment disunity by attacking Trump's leadership. 

Via The Hill, "Biden calls on Trump to appoint coronavirus 'supply commander'":

Former Vice President Joe Biden is calling on President Trump to appoint a "supply commander" to oversee the distribution of medical supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden, who is running to unseat Trump in November, argued the president has put in place a faulty system to coordinate the country’s response to the virus, forcing hospitals and states to bid against each other to obtain critical protective gear.

“This public health crisis is foremost a human crisis, but it is also a crisis of supply, logistics and distribution," Biden said in a statement Saturday. "States, hospitals, and health care providers should not have to bid against one another, or against the federal government to get the supplies that they desperately need."

The former vice president said that a supply director is needed to ensure the safety of frontline workers combating COVID-19, and unveiled his own plan to send materials to states and territories.

"We need a Supply Commander to step up and take charge and get the doctors, nurses, health care workers, first responders, firefighters, and cops the equipment they need to protect themselves and save lives,” he said.

Biden's demand bolsters the new narrative promoted by Democrats and their media lickspittles that the POTUS has failed the nation, is responsible for distributing supplies and equipment including ventilators and masks and has "blood on his hands" which will serve as the underpinning for the next impeachment. 

Barack Obama's former stooge also released another of his videos from his home, this time assailing the legitimately elected president who is going to make mincemeat out of the 77-year-old career politician if there are debates this fall. 

Biden's comments and commands are more than simple election year politics and are another example of how far that the Democrats have gone in rejecting the legitimate system that has served this nation since its inception. 

Ever since Hillary crashed and burned, Democrats have revealed themselves to be disloyal authoritarians who have rejected the idea of free and fair elections and have spat upon the very concept of democracy that they pay lip service to. 

The ugly truth is that they now have embraced the "by any means necessary" pursuit of power that has been championed by extremists including Karl Marx himself. 

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A glimpse at the raw totalitarianism demonstrated by Democrat governors, mayors and local officials who have used the virus as an excuse to place their citizens under a form of house arrest while flexing their political muscles is a terrifying preview of what awaits if this rogue party is able to seize total power. 

Alas, poor old befuddled Biden is only their mouthpiece, the real danger will be who he chooses as his running mate and to staff his cabinet.