Biden Goes on Vacation While Citizens Suffer For Terrible Decisions

Americans have come to notice that President Joe Biden is yet again going on another vacation, even as the country suffers from major crises under his watch.

The Federal Aviation Administration had recently posted a notice to Airmen (NOTAM) announcing that flight restrictions will be instituted in the skies around Kiawah Island, South Carolina. This restriction will also last for a week, from the afternoon of August 10 until the evening of August 17.

In similar news, it was noted that this Island in South Carolina had been a frequent vacation spot for the President and his family for over a decade as they have been visiting this Island since 2009. The White House also recently confirmed this as it was announced that the President and his wife would visit this Island for a week.

Considering the way the President has frequently taken breaks and gone on vacations this year despite being in isolation for weeks, it seems to be that he has gotten tired of being the President and needs a break from his duties. He has spent several weekends at his Delaware retreats in just a few months.

The President himself has suffered from the Covid 19 virus several times this year but has done nothing to eradicate it though he kept promising Americans that he will eradicate this virus if he gets elected into office.

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The United States is suffering from a 40-year high crisis, a new recession, and continually increasing interest rates, but it seems like the President is not aware of the looming trouble yet. More so, Americans are getting into more debt daily as they find it hard to afford the inflated prices of goods and services with their paychecks, but none of this has affected the President. Considering the President’s actions immediately after he tested negative for the coronavirus, it seems like his biggest problem was choosing the plane he would take for his vacation.

In addition to the pressing issues that the President seems not to care about, his administration is preparing a new package to help Ukraine, though there are doubts that these packages are arriving at their intended destinations. Furthermore, China continues to escalate its live-fire drills around Taiwan following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei.

Again, Americans are still protesting the recently signed inflation reduction bill, which is unfavorable to almost the whole country. From the suspicious auditing to the vaccine mandate for school children and many other sketchy parts of this bill, the democrats have rejoiced and gone against the people’s wishes countless times. It seems like it is all because the President is tired of his duty, and Americans have duly noted that.

Though the President had once told Americans that he could taste their frustration and would always put the interests of the Americans at heart, all of these crises are not frustrating enough or the president has most likely forgotten what the frustrations taste like, which explains why the President needs another break.

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