Biden Just Cancelled ANOTHER Trump Order That Was Saving Americans Thousands Of Dollars

Literally, for years, Democrats have complained that prices for prescription drugs are too high, a criticism that really ramped up during the debates over the Affordable Care Act.

And during the most recent presidential campaign cycle, it was no different.

“Several candidates have supported legislation to enable direct government regulation or control of prescription drug prices beyond Medicare Part D. These bills vary in whether they target the absolute price of a drug itself or the rate of price growth, and in the nature and magnitude of the penalties they impose on firms for non-compliance,” Health Affairs reported in August 2019.

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After Joe Biden won the Democratic nomination, NPR did a comparison between him and then-President Donald Trump; both said they wanted to decrease prescription drug prices.

“Biden’s proposal would work to lower prescription drug prices within Medicare, create an independent commission to oversee and regulate the price of new drugs, and get rid of the tax breaks given to pharmaceutical corporations on advertising,” NPR reported.

Meanwhile, “Trump has attempted to usher through prescription drug reforms via a series of executive orders signed in July and September,” the outlet added.

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How did it all shake out?

Well, Trump ‘lost’ the election but not before those executive orders were signed, obviously. But leaving them in place would help Biden fulfill his campaign pledge to ‘lower prescription drug costs,’ right?


So — why did Biden just rescind Trump’s orders which will now lead to higher drug prices?

The Daily Wire reports:

President Joe Biden’s United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Thursday stopped executive orders from his predecessor designed to significantly lower prescription drug prices for Americans, including insulin and epinephrine.

The new administration will apparently re-evaluate the executive action from President Donald Trump toward the end of March. It remains unclear if it will be reinstated.

“The HHS Thursday froze the former Trump administration’s December drug policy that requires community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients,” Bloomberg Law reported Thursday. “Centers that don’t pass on the savings wouldn’t qualify for federal grants.”

“This freeze is part of the Biden administration’s large-scale effort announced this week that will scrutinize the Trump administration’s health policies,” the report continued. “If the previous administration’s policies raise ‘fact, law, or policy’ concerns, the Biden HHS will delay them and consult with the Office of Management and Budget about other actions.”

What is the world is there to “scrutinize?” The orders lowered the prices of some drugs, just like Biden said he would do.

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Bloomberg Law added that the Biden administration took its tactic because they are supposedly awaiting the results of a dozen lawsuits challenging Trump’s EOs. Fine; but leaving the orders in place while courts sort out the details makes far more sense than essentially repealing them; doing so takes away the merits of legal challenges because the orders become moot.

The fact is, Biden’s left-wing handlers are liars and hypocrites when it comes to wanting to lower drug prices (which hurt the bottom line of their big pharma donors). Trump, by comparison, kept his promise — like he kept most others that were in his power to keep.

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