As Cubans Protest Communist Dictatorship, Biden Admin Claims They’re Actually Just Worried About COVID

When thousands of long-suffering Cubans took to the streets this weekend to protest against their government while displaying American flags, it was an uplifting moment in the history of the island country that has been under communist control for over 60 years. Furthermore, it was a sign that freedom from tyranny is still humanity’s greatest value.

Seeking to end the days of economic misery, bread lines, shortages and government repression that have been imposed on the population since murderous communist dictator Fidel Castro led his bloody revolution in 1959, the protesters chanted “we are not afraid” and “unite” as they called for an end of the regime of President Miguel Díaz-Canel, a cruel tyrant who succeeded the decades of rule by the Castro brothers.

The protests were hailed by Republican members of Congress, many of whose families have experienced communism first hand and unlike the trendy political left in America, have a true understanding of the horrors of a system that has repeatedly failed wherever it has taken power.

The reaction was however much different from a regime in Washington that has to a large degree adopted an Americanized version of communism with its propaganda, surveillance, and the weaponizing of the government against political enemies.

Instead of encouraging the Cuban people in their quest for freedom, Biden’s narrative engineers quickly moved to spin the protests in a way to promote their own crusade to administer mass vaccinations to the entire American population.

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In a tweet that has drawn heavy criticism, State Department apparatchik Julie Chung tried to pound the square peg of COVID cases and deaths into the round hole of the rejection of communist rule.

The New York Times, which serves as a mouthpiece for the Deep State, tweeted that “Freedom” was, in reality, an “anti-government slogan” that meshes with the narrative of the Biden regime and the Nancy Pelosi-led Congress that Trump supporters are dangerous insurrectionists and domestic terrorists; a communist-style distortion of language that has gained a foothold in the USA.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, widely recognized as the best governor in the nation for his handling of the COVID crisis distinguished the difference between freedom-loving Republicans and the authoritarians running the government when he voiced support for the protests.

DeSantis’ message about a dictatorship trying to silence those who speak out against its disastrous policies hits home and could even be interpreted as a veiled shot at the authoritarian Biden.

Throughout the course of history, there have been few systems of governance that have been more oppressive as communism, and yet despite the mountains of dead bodies and millions of shattered lives left in its wake wherever it has taken power, there has been a false perception in the U.S. that it is hip and cool, a naive and ignorant belief that has been embraced by much of the domestic left.

To the political left, the gateway drug to communism has been socialism with the siren song of free stuff, equity, and the end of racism as endlessly repeated by the likes of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her “Squad” and which has seduced the younger generations of poorly educated Americans into falsely believing that this time it will be different.

A recent Axios poll showed that the propaganda has worked like a charm with majorities in key Democratic party demographics holding an unfavorable view of capitalism as well as a romantic idea of what socialism and ultimately communism represent.

With the socialism of the angry progressive base having gained a foothold with Democrats in Congress and a hand on the rudder of policy in the Biden White House, the idea that America could become a socialist country has gone from the unthinkable to the inevitable and unless met with a forceful reaction by voters in 2022, the days when America was a free country may be forever gone.

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The uprising in Cuba represents a big problem for Democrats and their messaging machine, especially the presence of the nation’s flag which has become a hated symbol to the American left flying in the streets where the oppressed who have spent their lives under the iron fists of the Castros, still view the U.S. as the symbol of liberty and hope, a beacon of light that Biden, Bernie, AOC, and their fellow “woke” travelers are working to extinguish.

The worst nightmare of Democrats would be to see the rejection of communism and socialist policies catch fire and spread throughout America resulting in their ouster from power.

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