Biden Regime Silent Following Hack Attack on Colonial Pipeline

Did you know that a major American pipeline was hit by a ransomware attack a couple of days ago that originated from a major Russia-based hacking collective?

Did you know that the pipeline remains offline as this is being written?

Do you know the name of the company — Colonial Pipeline?

Did you know that Colonial’s pipeline stretches from Texas up to North Carolina and feeds the Gulf and East Coasts nearly 46 percent of its gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel?

You may not have known any or all of this because the Biden administration hasn’t said much about it. That’s a mystery given the significance of this event and the fallout we’re about to see if the company can’t get the pipeline back online within a few days in the form of dramatically higher energy prices.

Already gasoline is up more than $1.05 a gallon since this time last year (and more than 40 cents, on average, since Joe “Cancel Keystone” Biden was anointed in January).

Without a pipeline to feed perhaps the most heavily populated regions of our country, and with an associated shortage of fuel-hauling truck drivers, prices at the pump are about to get really extreme.

The Daily Mail, a British paper, has more:

Gas prices are already starting to spike in the wake of the Russian DarkSide cyberattack that shut down America’s largest fuel pipeline four days ago as experts fear the attack could turn a “cyber disaster into a real-world catastrophe.”

The attack on Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Texas to New Jersey and transports 45 percent of the East Coast’s fuel supply, is the largest assault on US energy infrastructure in history and has sent shockwaves across the industry.

It has left Colonial and the US government scrambling to restart the network in a bid to avoid fuel shortages and drastic, long term price hikes.

That seems like something important enough to share with Americans, doesn’t it — if for no other reason than to ask us to drive and travel less for a couple days to a week while the company works to restore the pipeline’s service, in order to conserve available fuel supplies.

But no. The Biden regime continues to behave as if all is well and there is no fuel inflation.

“Cyber experts have already warned it has the potential to become a ‘real-world catastrophe’ the longer it stretches out and say it should serve as a wake-up call to companies about the vulnerabilities they face,” the Daily Mail adds.

Experts are also weighing in on the seriousness of this hack attack.

“This could be the most impactful ransomware attack in history, a cyber disaster turning into a real-world catastrophe,” Andrew Rubin, CEO and co-founder of cybersecurity firm Illumio, said in an interview with NBC News.

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He also gave some advice to Congress and the administration moving forward.

“‘It’s an absolute nightmare, and it’s a recurring nightmare. Organizations continue to rely and invest entirely on detection, as if they can stop all breaches from happening. But this approach misses attacks over and over again. Before the next inevitable breach, the president and Congress need to take action on our broken security model,” he added.

Is anyone listening? Because no one is talking much about this, at least publicly.