Biden Runs Cover For ANTIFA; "An Idea, Not An Organization"

The more that Democrats continue to deny the existence of ANTIFA, the more obvious it becomes that the violent black-clad army of darkness is working on their behalf. 

During Tuesday's bare-knuckled debate brawl between President Trump and Joe Biden, the subject came up and the former vice president raised eyebrows by white-knighting for rioters who are destroying cities and terrorizing citizens. 


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According to lunchbucket Joe, ANTIFA doesn't really exist and is an "idea" and not an "organization" which is a laughable statement unless it has been spewed by a seasoned liar like Biden. 

Here's the exchange: 

People who have been beaten to a pulp by the "idea" would beg to differ as would the Trump supporter who was murdered in cold blood in Portland by a killer who boasted that he was 100 percent ANTIFA. 

In white knighting for ANTIFA, Biden relied on a claim by FBI Director Christopher Wray, a man who continues to stonewall on the FBI's plot to frame General Flynn and use false pretenses to investigate Trump and who has done nothing to stop the violence.

Partial transcript via Real Clear Politics

BIDEN: His own--his own FBI--

TRUMP: This is a left-wing--

BIDEN: --director said (INAUDIBLE) white supremacist, Antifa is an idea and not an organization.

TRUMP: Oh, you've got to be kidding.

BIDEN: That is what his FBI--

TRUMP: It's an idea.

BIDEN: --his FBI director said.

WALLACE: Gentleman--

TRUMP: Well, then you know what he is wrong.

WALLACE: No, no, no. Where done--we are done, sir.

BIDEN: Everybody--everybody--

WALLACE: We are moving on--we are moving--

TRUMP: When a bat hit you over the head it's not an idea.

BIDEN: Everybody in your administration tells you the truth is a--has a bad idea.

TRUMP: Can I tell you what?

BIDEN: You have no ideas (INAUDIBLE).

TRUMP: Antifa--Antifa is a dangerous--

WALLACE: All right, gentlemen--

TRUMP: --radical group.

WALLACE: --we are now moving on to the Trump and Biden records--

TRUMP: And you ought to be careful with them. They will overthrow you in two seconds.

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Just as Biden ran interference for ANTIFA, so did Fox News moderator Chris Wallace who is a registered Democrat do the same for Biden, allowing the very fine people "on both sides" Charlottesville hoax that Team Biden has used as the basis of his campaign to go unchallenged. 

Democrats refuse to acknowledge the existence of ANTIFA as House Judiciary Committee chairman and diaper dumper Jerrold Nadler did this summer when he referred to the organization as a "myth" when confronted by independent media. 

ANTIFA is neither an "idea" nor a "myth" but a highly-organized, well-funded paramilitary arm of the Democratic party and the anti-Trump resistance. 

Lyin' Biden's assertion that it is anything else disqualifies him from the presidency.