Biden Targets Schools To Get Students Jabbed; Boost Vaccine Numbers

The frenzied effort to get shots into the arms of Americans is picking up steam and the Biden regime is zeroing in on a new target to get the numbers up – the nation’s students.

With schools set to return despite a pitched battle by teacher’s union head Randi Weingarten to force masks onto the faces of children or else she could shut down the entire education system, Biden and his handlers sense an opportunity to go after the captive audience.

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On Thursday, the administration announced that it would be dispatching its operatives to conduct “Back to School” nights and coordinate with school districts to set up pop-up clinics at schools in the hope of getting the numbers up by browbeating parents and using coercive tactics on young and impressionable minds.

The White House will be kicking off a “Week Of Action” beginning on Saturday in Topeka, Kansas when Secretary Of Education Miguel Cardona and high-powered showbiz lawyer Douglas Emhoff who is also the husband of president-in-waiting Kamala Harris will make the trip westward to visit a back-to-school vaccination clinic for a public relations appearance.

On Thursday, Emhoff joined the ubiquitous vaccine pimp, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci to officially roll out the campaign to “jab” America’s students.

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According to the White House fact sheet on the “Week Of Action” that once again stress the importance of the “public-private partnership” to the administration”

Beginning August 7th and ending August 15th, the Health and Human Services’ We Can Do This campaign and Made to Save are launching a Week of Action to encourage vaccinations for young people and support parents and schools as they get kids back to safe, in-person learning. The Week of Action will mobilize school districts, students, teachers, national organizations, local government leaders, businesses, social media influencers, celebrities, and thousands of volunteers to kick off the school year by encouraging young people to get vaccinated and offering accessible ways to do it in their community.

More than 90 youth-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and schools are committed to hosting over 200 vaccination events focused on school and campus-based COVID-19 vaccination drives for students, their families, and their communities, with hundreds more events taking place throughout the month of August. Events will take place all over the country, including canvassing, phone banks, text banks and more. As part of the Week of Action, Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona will travel to Topeka, KS to visit a back-to-school vaccine clinic; and trainings will be provided for teachers, parents, and student organizations on how to engage young people and their families on the vaccine.

To kick off the Back to School Week of Action, the Second Gentleman and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci will host a virtual discussion with youth leaders who expanded access to the vaccine for young people and their communities. The Second Gentleman and Dr. Fauci will ask the young leaders about why they got involved in vaccine efforts, and how they have responded to the needs of their peers and their communities in getting more young people vaccinated. The virtual event will be livestreamed on the White House YouTube channel.

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Biden continues to be in catch-up mode and is pulling out all stops after having endured the brutal humiliation of falling far short of his stated goal of having 70 percent of the nation fully vaccinated by July 4th and has resorted to increasingly authoritarian means to make up lost ground and wipe the egg off of his face following the politically embarrassing failure.

With only 29% of kids between 12-15 being fully vaccinated, the schools are filled with millions of potential customers who could reverse Biden’s COVID fortunes and send Pfizer stock soaring into the stratosphere.

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