AWKWARD – Biden Tells Kamala At DNC Event, ‘I Love You, You Always Have My Back’. Harris Replies ‘I Do’

As more and more questions are being asked concerning who will be on the 2024 Presidential ticket for the Democratic Party, the handlers for President Biden and VP Harris have had the impossible task of trying to make Joe and Kamla relatable to the American people, justifying their possible running again for their respective offices in 3 years.

In addition to basement Joe losing track of his thoughts and snapping at reporters, and Kamala seemingly clueless of what the administration’s plans are, both are declining in political polling which is the main driver to why many on the left are starting their searches for others to support moving forward.

This lack of continuity between the two of them has not led to very many happy photo ops showing them as a united team. The nation is looking to them to work together to turn around the nation’s economy, tackle rising inflation, and bring an end to the COVID pandemic.

On Friday during a Democratic National Committee grassroots event, President Biden praised his ‘partner’ Vice President Harris for ‘always having my back’, telling her ‘I love you’ as critics continue to slam their first year in office.

“Hi Kamala, I love you,” Biden said robotically to his veep, while the two delivered remarks at a virtual meeting of the Democratic National Committee. “You always have my back. You are really amazing. You’re the best partner I could imagine.”

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“I do,” Harris replied awkwardly.

“What a team,” the DNC said of the appearance.

Biden’s overly enthusiastic affection for embattled Vice President Kamala Harris, ignited a social media frenzy,

“Wildly creepy and beyond phony,” tweeted @LawyerNY.

“Gross. Fake and gross,” @GinnyGinny

The president’s remarks appeared intended to boost support for Harris, who has suffered internal dissent in her office, several PR gaffes and historically low approval ratings in recent weeks and months. “Nauseating,” wrote @Warriors_Mom.

The president’s applause for Harris comes after he told reporters on Wednesday that he thought she ‘was doing a good job’ and would certainly be his running mate in 2024.

Despite Biden’s confidence in a second term for them, the pair ended their first year in office with historically low approval ratings in three separate polls released on the one-year anniversary of the inauguration.

The vice president has only a 39-percent favorability rating among registered voters, according to a poll released this week by the LA Times. Joe’s disapproval rating stands at 53 percent and with only 33% of voters in another poll approving of his job performance

Her approval rating is 10 points lower than that of her predecessor, Mike Pence, a year into the Trump Administration; and a startling 55 points lower than Dick Cheney’s approval ratings at the same point in the George W. Bush Administration, four months after the 9/11 terror attacks.

The democrats have been recently looking to reconstitute the 2016 loser, crooked Hillary Clinton, to run again in 2024, in what many believe would be a rematch against former President Donald J. Trump.

Here is more bad news for the radical left, in a new poll Donald Trump would crush Hillary Clinton by double digits in a potential 2024 presidential rematch, a McLaughlin poll on Friday found.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show.

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