Biden Tries Smooching Young Baby in Colorado, Baby Pulls Back, Slaps Him in Horror

During a visit to Golden Colorado, President Joe Biden tried smooching a little child while visiting the state to push his Green New Deal agenda.

The president has a creepy history of touching, groping, sniffing and kissing young children so the recent video footage comes as no surprise.

After speaking on climate change and wind turbines, the maskless president began walking through the crowd when his eyes narrowed in on a young boy.

The boy, who at first seemed excited to see Biden, suddenly backed away in horror as Biden tried smooching him.


Biden’s popularity has been sharply decreasing in recent months and the baby in the video isn’t the only one who is disgusted by him.

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While visiting the liberal state of California on Monday, President Biden was met by more than 1,000 Trump supporters who were carrying “F*** Biden” signs outside of Long Beach City College. Biden was visiting the state to campaign for Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom who is facing a recall election.

Biden’s motorcade was mobbed and booed by angry protesters.


During a visit to New Jersey last week, a group of Trump supporters unleashed on President Biden for his botched withdrawal of Afghanistan which led to the deaths of 13 service members.

“You leave Americans behind!” one man screamed, referring to the Americans that Biden left stranded in Afghanistan.

“Resign, you tyrant,” another video shows someone saying.

“Murderer! You’re killing our kids out there! Worthless piece of trash!” another protesters shouted.

WATCH the videos below:

Reporter for the Sar-Ledger, Matt Arco was on the ground and reported that other individuals yelled, “Biden go home,” “you should resign,” “f***ing tyrant,” and “this country is going to s**t.”

The angry hecklers’ comments come as Biden continues to humiliate the United States, specifically with the ongoing Afghanistan situation.

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