Biden: We Should Start a 'Physical Revolution' to Deal With Republicans

On Monday, 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden suggested that it may be a good idea to use violence against Republicans by starting a "Physical Revolution."

The comments were made on MSNBC with Joy Reid after the host questioned the former Vice President on how he will confront republicans.


"How would you get past either a majority Republican Senate in which Mitch McConnell was determined to kill all of these ideas or even a Mitch McConnell in the minority who repeated the consistent filibustering when you were vice president and anything that came from the Obama-Biden administration Mitch McConnell considered dead on arrival?" Reid asked Biden.

"Joy, I know you're one of the ones who thinks it's naive to think we have to work together," Biden said. "The fact of the matter is if we can't get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive."

"There are certain things where it just takes a brass knuckle fight," he continued, later adding: "Let’s start a real physical revolution if you’re talking about it."

WATCH the clip of the comments made by Biden below:

This isn't the only outlandish comment recently made by Biden. 

On Monday, Biden boldly stated that he will win several key republican states in 2020 if he is elected as the Democratic nominee.

During an event at the Poor People's Campaign, Biden announced the five states that he thinks he can flip.

“I plan on campaigning in the South,” Biden stated. “I plan on — if I’m your nominee — winning Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, believe it or not.”

He wasn’t done.

“And I believe we can win Texas and Florida, if you look at the polling data now,” he said.

Check out what the Daily Caller reported in relation to the potential President Trump and Joe Biden matchup:

North Carolina and Florida will be critical swing states for both Trump and whoever comes out of the crowded Democratic primary field. Trump narrowly won both states in 2016.
Texas and Georgia have both been solid red states in the past, but Trump under-performed in both states in 2016, and Democrats nearly picked up major victories in both states during the 2018 midterm elections. A poll released by the Texas Tribune Monday showed that only 39% of registered voters in the Lone-Star state would “definitely” support the president next year. 
South Carolina would appear to be a much longer shot, given that no Democratic presidential nominee has carried the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976. Trump won the state by roughly 14% in 2016.

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