Biden Won’t Call For Masters Golf Tournament To Be Moved After All-Star Game Fiasco

Joe Biden said that he won’t get involved in efforts to have The Masters golf tournament moved out of Georgia, after his prior comments forced the MLB All-Star Game to relocate from Atlanta.

The nation’s 46th president was badly stung by the fallout after MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced that he had bowed to activist demands to move the midsummer classic out of Truist Park, where it was to be hosted by the Atlanta Braves.

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Manfred was spurred to action after Biden went on ESPN and dishonestly compared the new Georgia election integrity law to segregationist era Jim Crow laws. On Friday he decided to change the locale of the game, a move which will cost Cobb County an estimated $100 million in lost revenue. This comes as a major blow an area that is heavily black.

On Tuesday, Biden appeared to acknowledge that his ill-considered comments had done more harm than good. When put on the spot by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on whether he would also call one of the premier events on the PGA tour to move out of Georgia, he used a much softer tone. In his signature flip-flopping fashion, he said that it was “up to The Masters”.

Doocy asked, “Mr. President, do you think The Masters golf tournament should be moved out of Georgia?”

Biden replied; “I think that’s up to The Masters”.

He continued, once again using the inaccurate Jim Crow comparison: “Look, you know, it is reassuring to see that, ah, for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are”.

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There’s another side to it too, the other side to it too is, when they in fact move out of Georgia, the people who need the help the most, the people who are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most, I think it’s a very tough decision for a corporation to make, or a group to make”, said Biden.

He concluded, “and I respect them when they make that judgment, and I support whatever judgment they make, but the best way to deal with this is for Georgia and other states to smarten up, stop it, stop it..”

Biden’s reluctance to support moving The Masters is a serious blow to the activists who had intensified their pressure to have the golf tournament moved from scenic Augusta National Golf Club (where it has been played since 1934 and will be again in 2021). After successfully getting the All-Star Game yanked out of Atlanta, they have seemingly overplayed their hand.

There is no longer a way for Democrats to spin the All-Star Game fiasco. After the initial celebration of liberals, along with praise from former President Barack Obama, the move quickly turned into a dumpster fire. Only after the dust had settled and the economic toll on the area became evident did Biden change his tone.

Not only was the contest stolen away from Atlanta, but it was relocated to the majority-white city of Denver and a state that has stronger voting laws than Georgia. This comes as a huge blow for the Democrat-media narrative.

Worst of all for them, there could be lingering voter resentment and anger toward Biden & Democrats. This anger surely threatens to reverse their gains in Georgia, starting with next year’s midterm elections.