BIDEN’S BORDER: Texas Sheriff Says Illegal Migrant Crisis Unlike Anything He’s Seen ‘In 35 Years’

While most Americans go on about their daily lives far from the U.S.-Mexico border, they are oblivious to the fact that our country is literally being invaded by hordes of migrants, thanks to a propagandistic ‘mainstream’ media that refuses to cover the mounting crisis because it’ll hurt future President Kamala Harris, who is supposed to be fixing the situation.

But not all major media is ignoring what’s taking place, thankfully.

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“Fox & Friends” brought on a Texas border sheriff Tuesday morning to discuss what he and his department have been experiencing in recent days and weeks, and what he had to say was legitimately shocking to any American who really does care about the future of the country.

(Credit: Fox News)

Introducing the segment, co-host Ainsley Earhardt showed video of migrants nonchalantly strolling through shallow segments of the Rio Grande River, many with children in arms or in tow, being helped out by American law enforcement officials like Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe who say Border Patrol agents are spread so thin there’s no way they can handle the massive influx he says is the worst he has seen in more than three decades.

After acknowledging that the situation has been worsening for some time already (like almost immediately after Biden ‘won’ last November), Coe went on to assess what he and his deputies are witnessing.

“It’s a huge influx of alien smuggling going on around here,” he said. “Every night it’s always something. Over the weekend, in one incident, we stopped four vehicles. All four vehicles were traveling together; all four vehicles had aliens in them.”

“It’s just nonstop. I’ve never seen anything like this in 35 years here,” Coe continued.

He went on to say that the situation “is getting more and more dangerous all the time” as well.

“Now we’re encountering more and more firearms,” he said. “Used to, you’d catch an alien smuggling a load, they were passive. They’d get out of their vehicle. Now, they want to run. They’re driving through fences. And they’re startin’ to carry firearms.”

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Meanwhile, President-in-waiting Harris, our ‘border czar,’ hasn’t so much as set foot within a mile of the U.S.-Mexico border’s most problematic hot spots, even as state and local officials are pleading with the Biden regime for more help.

But that help isn’t going to come, of course, because the objective all along by the Democrats has been to inundate the country with future voters. Everybody who has a couple of brain cells to rub together knows that.

Now, the situation is getting so bad that there have already been political ramifications for the Open Borders Party, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson has covered it.

In a March monologue, he revealed that border counties that are majority Hispanic and that went for Hillary Clinton in 2016 flipped and went heavy for Trump in 2020. Why? Because the ‘racist president’ was tough on illegal immigration, and Americans who live in border regions want that.

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“In the span of just four years, Starr County moved from deep blue to almost red. Donald Trump finished within just five points of Joe Biden. That’s a swing of more than 50 points,” he said March 8. “And the numbers are even more dramatic in nearby Zapata County. Donald Trump lost Zapata County in 2016 by 33 points, but last November, he easily beat Joe Biden. These are big changes, and you’re seeing them all along the Rio Grande Valley.”


“Well, a lot of things are going on probably, but uncontrolled illegal immigration is definitely one of them, probably the main one,” he added.