Biden’s Pentagon Looking to PUNISH Service Members Simply for LIKING Facebook Posts

Democrat leaders in Congress along with know-nothings within the MSM refuse to acknowledge America’s real problems because they don’t fit the agenda.

Inflation. Homelessness. Drug overdoses. Illegal immigration. To name a few.

Instead, these liberals would rather punish Americans (proud Americans) simply for being pro-American.

Think about that for a second.

From Townhall:

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby announced a new “extremism” policy being rolled out by the Pentagon under President Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Monday that the Department of Defense says provides “increased clarity” on what amounts to “extremist activities” or “prohibited activity” by service members.

While Kirby “emphasized” that “the Department is focused on prohibited activity, not on a particular ideology, thought or political orientation,” the new guidelines create a broad definition for “active participation.”


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Like any Democrat in power, Joe Biden has people on his team who wake up thinking of new lies to tell the American people in an attempt to cover for bogus policy issues.

It seems as though Biden, quite literally, has no clue what he’s doing as president. He literally does not know what is going on.

Good going, lefties. Big win here.

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