HERE WE GO: Former House Rep Predicts 2022 Midterms SLAUGHTER; ‘Dems Will Lose 40-50 Seats’

Another week is coming to a close as the politicians on Capitol Hill are being analyzed for what just transpired in both chambers of congress.

The main focus in the U.S. Congress was trying to get “President” Joe Biden’s two signature spending bills passed before he departed for the G20 Rome Summit in Italy.

The leaders of the top 20 economies were scheduled to meet at the Rome Convention Centre ‘La Nuvola’, in the city’s EUR district. The Media Centre is located in the congress arena (‘Palazzo dei Congressi’), in the same district.

In spite of huge concessions in the human infrastructure, ‘Build Back Better’, reconciliation bill, dropping the cost to under $2T, the U.S. House did not bring either bill to the floor for a vote.

On Friday former Republican Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy joined cohost Emily Compagno, Kayleigh McEnany, Harris Faulkner, and Abby Hornacek on “Outnumbered,”

Duffy, who is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump and a former cast of MTV’s “The Real World” before he went into politics, recently resigned from his Wisconsin congressional seat to spend more time with his family.

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During the conversation with the four ladies on the panel, Mr. Duffy predicted President Joe Biden’s sweeping Build Back Better agenda and accompanying spending package were likely to pass.

He stressed though, that doing so might actually backfire on the Democrats going into 2022’s midterm elections.

“I think we have learned about the president, he’s not a closer,” McEnany said.

“Politics is messy. Negotiation is messy and I don’t like this but I do think Democrats are gonna get this deal done. They are going to get infrastructure done, they’re gonna get the socialist Build Back Better $4 trillion bill done,” Duffy replied.

“Americans don’t like big spending bills especially when they don’t know what’s in it and the more time they have the more they don’t like it,” Duffy continued, saying that passing the bill despite public disapproval could cost the Democrats in 2022. “So right now you might only have 15 House Republicans that could lose their seats. If they pass this, you’re going to see 40, 50 Democrats that could lose their seats. Catastrophic for the party. Passing the bills is catastrophic for America.”

I agree with the former congressman as long as the election systems and integrity measures put in place prevent the voter fraud we know is likely to be attempted once again.

The goal, only allowing only one legitimate vote for each legally registered voter, sounds American to me.

Eric Thompson is a syndicated political writer and Christian podcaster. 

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.