Bill Maher: Now that Trump is gone, “We can’t blame everything on him.”

Bill Maher always presents an interesting case study in Democrats. Sometimes he lands in the crazy leftist camps. Sometimes he lands in a more centrist Democrat camp.  However, always he isn’t afraid to give voice to the real intentions of the Democrat party.

As Fox News reported, on his show last night Bill explored what direction that the Democrat party would take now that Trump is gone. As his guest was blaming the riot at the Capitol on Trump, Bill made a terrifying statement:

“Now that we’ve gotten rid of Trump, we’re faced with this problem as Americans. Now we can’t blame everything on him. Now we gotta look in the mirror and we’ll find out in the next hundred days, like, if it was all Trump who was the bad guy.

“Maher then wondered “can we do s— anymore” as Americans, citing the rocky coronavirus vaccine rollout, “even if we can’t blame Trump.”

Every day since Donald Trump came down the escalator to run for President, he faced insane levels of attacks from the media and from the left. They perceived every comment as racist, every action as ill intended and every move he made as that of a dictator. They openly celebrated mocking him and leveled both direct and indirect threats of violence against him.  Well now Donald Trump is gone and the left is searching for its next target.  They are looking for the “other” to blame.

This is both good news and bad news….

The good news is that it is perfectly clear that the Left believes that they need to blame the ills of society on some “other” group.  In their mind it couldn’t be their failed beliefs and bad policies that sow division.  The bad news is that the “other” group Bill is searching for is you and I:  Conservatives.

As the calls for reigning in the seditious white supremacists start to ring across the media and across the country, it is time for all patriots to prepare and connect.  We will continue to be “othered” by the left and the only way that we can get through it is to understand that you are not alone….there are many other great patriots across the country that are just like you and will stand strong against the “othering” of conservatives.

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