Black Americans Roast Rep. Cori Bush After Claiming Blacks ‘Aren’t Free’ on Independence Day

One of the biggest mysteries to us around here is why anyone who so obviously hates America would want to run for and serve in the U.S. Congress, but we have a growing number of America-haters in the Legislative Branch these days, and every single one of them is a Democrat.

Among them: Freshman Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, who is among the newest “Squad” members handily elected to her office by Democrats in St. Louis who have no ability to her destructive social and political policies with the growing violence in their city.

She used the occasion of America’s birthday to make one of the dumbest, most obviously refutable claims one could make on Independence Day: That blacks like her (she is a serving member of Congress, remember) are still not free, as though nothing has happened in our country since its founding to improve upon the framers’ vision of true equality for all.

The Daily Wire reports:

Far-left Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) faced widespread backlash on Sunday after she demonized the United States on the Fourth of July by falsely claiming that blacks are still not free.

“When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people,” Bush tweeted. “This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.”

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White people who respond to this lunacy are, of course, immediately set upon by other left-wing blacks as ‘proof’ of how ‘racist’ our country is and ‘proof’ that Bush ‘is right.’ But what about when other black Americans push back and push back hard, as many did?

“Cori Bush is an angry black woman—a very angry black woman. Her anger is eating her alive from the inside out. I pity her because the ‘freedom’ she seeks is not the freedom she needs. As such, freedom will continue to evade her as long as she carries that anger within her heart,” Darrell B. Harrison, podcast host, wrote on Twitter.

“Do not respond to this idiot: She just wants attention: She hates herself!!!” civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell wrote.

“I could say something rude, but I think it’s best to make sure we have someone running against her & ensure that individual has our full support along with access to every resource necessary to take her seat in 2022,” said Kim Klacik, who ran as a Republican for a congressional district that includes Baltimore in 2020.

Katrina Pierson, political adviser: “Apparently history continues to escape black Democrats who have probably never heard of Crispus Attucks. But then, these are the same people that continue to be, and vote for, Democrats who marginalize, compartmentalize, and victimize minorities in this country then complain.”

Thomas Chatterton Williams, writer: “I’m a 40-year-old American descendent of slaves. The year is 2021, and I have been ‘free’ my entire life. Another thought: Who is the ‘they’ in this construction? The implication is that black people (and presumably other non-whites) uniformly feel alienated from such notions of freedom. This would shock Ralph Ellison, Albert Murray, Stanley Crouch, and countless anonymous others.”

And freshman Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.), also has some views:

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