Black Couple Pokes Fun at BLM Protest in North Carolina with NO Black People: 'This is Foolishness'

There has been no shortage of white social justice warriors lining up to virtue signal their support for ‘Black Lives Matter’ (over all other lives including, presumably, their own), and it’s getting to the point now where some in the black community are beginning to take note of just how obvious the pandering has become.

In videos posted to social media, Benji Irby, a Bronx-born host of the Lifezette TV show UNPopular Opinion, and Shemeka Michelle, author of “Keep It Naked” – both of whom are black Trump supporters – poked fun at a group of SJWs demonstrating recently in Charlotte, N.C., on behalf of the BLM movement, but sans black people



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Noting that he traveled to the state house because he’s a “nerd,” Irby remarked:

Look, there’s a whole, like, Black Lives Matter protest going on, for I don’t know what statue, or what the hell…I guess that…I don’t know what that is. But they are protesting [and] there are no black people.

Their laughter is infectious, and their message is spot-on: How vacuous, self-serving, and totally tone-deaf.

“This is like…” Irby began.

“…Foolishness,” Michelle said, finishing his statement.

“Look, there’s one with a li’l afro,” she continued.

Michelle then posted a video to her Twitter account with the post, “At the NC State Capital watching White people pander.”

She panned her camera phone to one of the white protesters nearby who was holding a sign that says “Black Lives Matter.”

Yes, pal, we know they do. But so does your life and the life of other Americans who may or may not be of African-American descent.

Even liberal comedian and HBO host Bill Maher agrees that white people have “culturally appropriated” black racism.

In a monologue during his Friday program before leaving for his summer break, Maher chastised white liberals for going so overboard in their support for black people that they are actually going to set race relations back a generation.

“Black people have to demand that white people stop culturally appropriating how mad they are about racism,” Maher said.

“It’s great that Caucasians have finally joined the fight for racial justice in unprecedented numbers, but hating racism the most? You can’t steal that,” he continued.

Maher blasted the “Guardians of Gotcha” for slamming, doxing, and even attacking other whites who actually agree with the BLM movement but are just “helping wrong.”

He singled out the criminal mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf – who once alerted the illegal aliens in her city that ICE raids were imminent – who recently promised to investigation an incident of ‘racism’ involving ‘nooses’ hung from trees in a city park.

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Only, they weren’t nooses; they were exercise ropes put there by a black resident who was confused as to why, after they’d been hanging there for months and thousands had seen them, they suddenly were confused with being nooses.

But no matter. Schaaf said she was going to proceed with a ‘hate crime’ investigation anyway. 

“…Schaaf wasn’t going to let all that cheat her out of a chance to signal her virtue. …Why is this white woman seeing racism where a black man isn’t?” Maher said.