Black Leaders Slam Leftist Stacey Abrams for Abysmal Voter ID Comments

Far-left political activist Stacey Abrams is in hot water for her abysmal and false comments about new election laws recently passed in Georgia.

According to Breitbart, the Black Americans for a Better Future Education Fund and the Georgia Black Republican Council co-hosted an event in which they called out Abrams’ role in convincing Major League Baseball to remove this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

“It’s been estimated that Cobb County will lose north of $100 million in revenue and economic activity as a result of baseball’s unilateral decision to relocate the game,” Raynard Jackson said.

“We want to put a human face on this issue today. These are not just mere statistics and economic data that Cobb County put out,” he added.

“You have one person, by the name of Stacey Abrams, who lied,” Jackson said. “She got Major League Baseball to relocate the game. She got corporations like Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, to come out against the Georgia Integrity Act.”

“Stacey Abrams doesn’t speak for the black community,” Jackson said. “She speaks for the white liberals who bankroll her political ambitions.

“Stacey Abrams doesn’t actually care about making it easier for Black people to vote, she only cares about making it easier for Democrats to vote,” he added.

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One of the main provisions in the new laws was a requirement for voters to show a photo ID when submitting an absentee ballot.

During an interview on CNN, Abrams claimed that the new voter ID law meant voters “are being forced to go through unnecessary hurdles to prove their bona fides.”

Lisa Babbage of the Georgia Black Republican Council said Abrams’ indication is “insulting.”

“Black people aren’t stupid, but Stacey Abrams treats us like we are when she suggests that we aren’t even capable of obtaining a photo ID,” she said.

Back in March, Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed a sweeping bill last week that overhauls his state’s election laws.

The new election laws, in part, would require a photo ID in order to vote by absentee ballot, would limit the number of drop boxes, and replace the elected secretary of state as the chair of the state election board with a new appointee of the legislature after Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger politically went after Donald Trump.

In response to this major move, Joe Biden threatened to have his own Department of Justice get involved and possibly take action against Georgia for legally passing legislation through their state House and Senate.

“We don’t know quite exactly what we can do at this point. The Justice Department’s taking a look as well,” he said as he talked to reporters outside the White House, The Daily Mail reported.

No one has given a good explanation as to why showing identification proving that you are eligible to vote is akin to “Jim Crow,” but it must sound like a winning plan as Democrats keep making the accusation.

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This bill is a huge win for those who support protecting elections.

Which is why Democrats are so angry about it.