BREAKING: Black Support for Trump Reaches Another New High 5 Days Before Election

In the past few weeks, minority public figures have been making headlines with their endorsements of President Trump.

Notable endorsements include rapper 50-Cent, Actor/Rapper Ice Cube, Actress Stacey Dash, and Rapper Lil' Pump.


The polls have been showing a respectable increase in minority support for Trump, especially in the black community. The most recent poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that black support for the incumbent President is now at a whopping 31%.

From Breitbart News:

In 2016, according to exit polls, Trump earned just eight percent of the black vote, compared to 88 percent for Hillary Clinton.

So if Rasmussen is wrong, let’s say by a factor of two, if support from likely black voters ends up being just half of what the pollster found, just 15 or 16 percent, Trump would still end up doubling his 2016 share of the black vote, which would mean he won more black support than any modern Republican presidential contender. Bob Dole won 12 percent of the black vote in 1996 and that was considered a big deal, although he still got drubbed.

Rasmussen has also been tracking Trump’s job approval with black Americans and has watched it creep up to as high as 46 percent as recently as last week.

While this is an outlier poll, it is not the first one showing increased support for Trump with, not only black voters, but also Hispanic voters.

In 2016, Trump won just 28 percent of the Hispanic vote, which was right in line with Mitt Romney and John McCain, but well below George W. Bush’s 44 percent in 2004.

A recent IBD/TIPP poll shows Trump’s support with Hispanics at 36.5 percent and his support with blacks at 15 percent.

In the most recent IBD/TIPP poll, Biden only earns 79.5 percent of the black vote, well below Hillary’s 88 percent. Trump earns just nine percent of the black vote, but has 36 percent support with Hispanics.

This is excellent news for the GOP Candidate and republicans everywhere because not only does it give the President a much better chance at being re-elected, but it also means that more and more people - especially in the black community, are not believing the fake narrative from the biased media.

Over the past six months, the left-wing news mob has done everything in their power to smear the President as a racist - even a supporter of "white supremacy." The fact of the matter is that the black community is seeing what the current administration has done for minority communities across the country.

John Nolte of Breitbart concludes:

There’s no question that, unlike any Republican I can remember, Trump has spent considerable time and political capital reaching out to the black community and producing in the form of record low unemployment, criminal justice reform, and an openness to serious dialogue.

This is one the primary reasons Democrats and the corrupt media have spent so much time and energy lying about Trump being a racist. If the Democrats lose even 25 percent of the black vote, they are finished as a major American party.