BLM Demands Newsom Appoint Black Woman to Harris’ Senate Seat, Calls it ‘Nonnegotiable’

The unhinged Democratic left continues to put skin color and ethnicity first and foremost in terms of qualifications for public office, not whether a person is the best one for the job.

This identity politics is on full display once again as Black Lives Matter officials demand – demand – that California Gov. Gavin Newsom appoint a black woman to succeed Sen. Kamala Harris if, in fact, she ascends to the vice presidency.

Oh, and they don’t want to discuss it, either. 

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“Appointing a Black woman to this seat is nonnegotiable — this must be done,” Black Lives Matter Global Network wrote, instructing the Democratic governor to appoint either U.S. Reps. Karen Bass or Barbara Lee to fill the seat for the remainder of Harris’ term.

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“If there is not a single Black woman in the Senate, then the Senate is simply not a proper representation of the people,” the petition states.


Since when did ‘representation’ depend on the color of the representative’s skin? And consider this: While both Bass and Lee were obviously elected to their respective offices, no one will have elected them to fill a Senate seat. So, it’s ludicrous to say that either one of them would truly ‘represent’ Californians.

But wait, you say. Senators aren’t in office to represent voters; they’re supposed to represent states

That would be true were it not for the fact that, in 1913, states ratified the 17th Amendment, changing the manner in which senators are selected. 

When the framers wrote our founding document, U.S. senators were selected by state legislatures (thus they represented states – and, of course, the people elected the state legislators). But the 17th Amendment changed that and allowed for senators to be elected by the people.

So yes, any replacement for Harris would have to be representative of half of Californians, at least.

That individual’s qualifications should be based on much more than just the color of their skin. 

But of course, when you’re a left-wing racialist organization like BLM, nothing rational is supposed to matter.

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Fox News adds:

The group then implied it was now Newsom’s time to deliver by appointing a candidate of their choice, arguing the Democratic Party has become “reliant on Black voters, particularly Black women,” and there would have been a “very different electoral outcome” if it weren’t for Black voters and organizers across the country. 

“This is not a one-way street. We showed up, and now, it’s his turn to do the same,” the petition states. “If Governor Newsom is serious about his role in the Democratic Party, he will deliver to his base and answer our call to appoint a Black woman to the Senate.”

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