BLM Protesters Celebrated MLK Day By Injuring 10 New York Police Officers

As Democrats and their sycophantic media lapdogs continued to gaslight the country over the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building by mischaracterizing it as an “insurrection,” they also ignored a similar incident in New York City on Martin Luther King Day because that’s what they did all last year as well.

“More than two dozen people were arrested Monday night after Black Lives Matter protesters sparred with New York City Police Department officers,” the Washington Examiner reported Tuesday.

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“Hundreds of Black Lives Matter demonstrators began to march through Brooklyn around 8:30 p.m. for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and they eventually made their way to Manhattan, according to NBC New York. Twenty-eight protesters were arrested, and at least 10 officers were injured during a violent confrontation near City Hall Park,” the outlet noted further. “One officer, a captain, was reportedly bashed in the helmet with a bottle.”

Take a look:

What we see in the video above doesn’t look much different than what we saw at the nation’s Capitol earlier this month, does it? So where is the Democrat and media outrage?

How come hurting and killing NYPD officers is okay, but hurting and killing Capitol Police officers isn’t?

How come thugs who pound on cops in the Big Apple are rioters, but thugs who pound on cops in the Capitol Building are “insurrectionists?”

Of course, these questions are being asked facetiously — we know the answer, and it is this: Sore winner Democrats want to hype the Capitol incident as something it wasn’t in order to justify using the full weight of government, which they now control, to not simply push back against President Donald Trump and his supports, but to crush us.

This is more than simply hypocrisy, it’s the opening rounds of what will become a real, live war against 74-plus million Americans who will be punished simply because of their political preference.

How do we know? Well, just consider what New York’s George Soros attorney general, Letitia James, said after the rioting: She blamed the NYPD.

“Once again, we are seeing and hearing accounts of NYPD officers infringing on the rights of New Yorkers,” she said. “The images of officers using excessive force against peaceful protesters is alarming and cause for deep concern. Less than a week after I filed a lawsuit against the NYPD over these very exact issues, we saw officers exhibit the same behavior.”

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“As we laid out in our lawsuit, this is a longstanding pattern that must stop,” James added. “These New Yorkers were marching in the spirit of Dr. King, who taught us that peaceful protest is the most powerful force in the fight for freedom, equality, and justice for all. I will continue to fight to protect these most basic rights.”

Buckle up, Trump supporters, the ride only gets rougher from here.

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