BLM Riots Erupt In Minneapolis After Cops Shoot Criminal Who Opened Fire On Them

MPLS Riots

Renewed violence erupted on the streets of Minneapolis as angry mobs menaced citizens, destroyed property, and looted stores. The mayhem followed the shooting of a black criminal by law enforcement officers on Thursday.

The latest martyr to be added to the Black Lives Matter gallery of criminal saints is 32-year-old Winston Smith aka “Boogie”. He reportedly pulled a gun as a U.S. Marshalls Fugitive Task Force was attempting to arrest him on an outstanding warrant.

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Smith’s fateful encounter with law enforcement went down on the top floor of a parking garage and he lost a gunfight after pulling a firearm and allegedly shooting from inside of his vehicle. Deputies from Ramsey and Hennepin County returned fire, killing “Boogie” during the exchange.

There is no body or dash camera video of the incident but according to the Minnesota Bureau Of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) there is evidence that Smith opened fire from inside the vehicle and there were spent shell casings on the driver’s side.

Tensions were already running high on Thursday as city crews dismantled the makeshift shrine at the “George Floyd Square” autonomous zone. They boiled over and once again, beleaguering citizens and businesses in Minneapolis who are at ground zero for racial violence that has been sanctioned by Democrats.

Heroic journalist Andy Ngo who was nearly murdered by Antifa domestic terrorists last week posted video footage of the Minneapolis unrest on Twitter.

It is unknown whether “Boogie” will be deified by the liberal media and canonized by “woke” corporations. However, the following profanity-saturated video of the deceased inciting violence may not fit the established standard narrative of “innocent black victimhood” that was applied to Floyd.

From the video it appears that Smith is suggesting that rioters who don’t have guns should make improvised explosive devices from easily obtained products like gasoline and dish soap to use against law enforcement personnel.

Smith’s brother was quick to accuse police of murdering “Boogie” with remarks that will only serve to further aggravate the situation. “He was trying to live his life,” said Kidale Smith at an improvised press conference, “We want these cops to go to jail. They shot him execution-style. He was on a date in a public place. I want everybody…the sheriff’s deputies, the U.S. Marshals, everybody that was involved in my brother’s death to be prosecuted,” Smith added.

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The absence of any video of the shooting will soon lead to the usual conspiracy theories from the cop-hating social media influencers like Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James. Who knows, now that LeBron has some extra time on his hands after being ousted in the first round of the playoffs, maybe he’ll take a trip up to the Twin Cities to join the coming protests.

One person who can be counted on to show up will be racial grievance ambulance chaser Ben Crump. The attorney just made major bank after the city of Minneapolis settled a wrongful death lawsuit by Floyd’s family for a massive $27 million. Smith’s clan will surely want to similarly cash in.

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As for Minneapolis, the city just can’t catch a break. Rioting had only recently subsided with the mob being placated after the legal lynching of ex-cop Derek Chauvin. However, the shooting of Smith will now ignite another round of chaos in the rubble-strewn remnants of what used to be a great Midwestern city. Meanwhile Democrats exploit it to push their agenda for defunding the police on a national level.