Bloomberg Slips Up, Admits He Bought Pelosi's House Majority

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg had another miserable performance at Tuesday's big Democrat debate in South Carolina. 

Looking to rebound from a dismal showing last week in Nevada where he was torn to bloody shreds by the vengeful Elizabeth Warren, the former New York mayor instead slipped up in spectacular fashion. 


During one of the night's heated exchanges, the eighth richest man in America according to the Forbes 400 index admitted that he "bought" Congress, specifically the House seats that delivered a majority to Nancy Pelosi and her impeachment mob. 

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Bloomberg boasted about all of the money that he has pumped into the party including the $100 million that he shelled out to elect 21 new Dems in the 2018 midterm elections. 

According to Bloomberg:

“Let’s just go on the record..they talk about 40 Democrats, 21 of those were people that I spent $100 million to help elect. All of the new Democrats that came in, put Nancy Pelosi in charge, and gave the Congress the ability to control this president, I bought – I got them.”


No matter how frenzied that the media damage control efforts will be to explain away the oligarch's gaffe, it only serves to reinforce the perception that he is buying the Dem nomination if not the White House. 

According to reports, the most recent figures show that Bloomberg has already spent $409 million on the campaign - primarily advertising - before he has even appeared on a single primary ballot. 

Via Reuters, "Bloomberg presidential campaign reports $409 million in total spending so far":

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s campaign spent $409 million through January, with most of the money funding a TV advertising blitz, according to campaign disclosures filed on Thursday.

The spending, reported in a disclosure filed with the Federal Election Commission, showed outlays at historic levels for the early stages of the nomination contest to take on Republican President Donald Trump in the November election.

The campaign spent about $221 million in January alone.


Bloomberg’s campaign spent $126.5 million on television advertising alone in January, and another $45.5 million on digital advertising. That brought total ad spending by his campaign so far to $312 million, according to figures released by the campaign.

Bloomberg is worth an estimated $60 billion and his campaign could report even higher spending in the future. On Feb. 4, a day after the Iowa nomination contest in which rival candidate Joe Biden performed poorly, Bloomberg said he would immediately double spending on his already massive national TV ad campaign.

On a night that exposed the entire Democrat field as a woeful collection of commies, cranks, race-baiters, poseurs, phonies and frauds, it was Bloomberg's slip of the tongue that may have the greatest long-term consequences. 

Democrats and especially their progressive base have railed against billionaires and big corporations and yet, their latest great hope just bragged about buying politicians on national television. 

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The hypocrisy alone is stunning but offers more proof that despite what comes out of their mouths, that the Democratic party is beholden to and controlled by ultra-wealthy plutocrats of the much-demonized one percent.

If the party elite have to resort to a brokered convention in order to put down Bernie Sanders and his socialist revolution and Bloomberg or Hillary Clinton ends up with the nomination it will do lasting damage to Democrats who will no longer be able to hide who they really are.