BOOM: Golf Championship TROUNCES Every Single NBA Playoff Game After League Pushes Anti-America Propaganda

Has professional golf just become the primary professional sports league in the United States, surpassing all others including the powerhouse NFL?

No. Not even close, in fact.

But pro golf has gotten more views and better ratings than pro basketball this past season, and that’s saying something. Actually, it says a lot of things.

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“The TV ratings for the PGA Championship this past Sunday destroyed the NBA,” the Daily Caller reported Tuesday. “The popular golf event happened on the same day as multiple NBA playoff games, and the numbers weren’t close at all.”

Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand provided the numbers in a series of tweets.

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“Good numbers for the final round of the PGA Championship. I’m told that the final round had about 6.6 million viewers. Last year it had 5.2 million. In 2019, it was 5.0 million,” he noted, pointing out right away that the PGA Championship’s numbers have been steadily increasing year-to-year before adding this remarkable tidbit: “The final round peaked at more than 13 million at 7pm.”


Referencing serial PGA champ Phil Mickelson, Ourand went on to note that he beat out the famed NBA star LeBron James in eyeballs — and again, it wasn’t even close.

The best NBA game in terms of viewers was, indeed, James’ team, the Lakers, who took on the Phoenix Suns. But that game only got about as many viewers as Fox New’s Tucker Carlson was getting during his pre-2020 election peak (which, by the way, is astounding for a cable news program — not so much for an NBA playoff game, though).

The Washington Wizards/Philadelphia 76ers, meanwhile, got about the same number of viewers as CNN’s highest-rated primetime show (even more on some days) at about 1.9 million (which, by the way, is pathetic for a cable news program — and worse for an NBA playoff game).

Oh, and professional horse racing is also doing better than the NBA. A lot better, as Ourand noted. The Preakness Stakes, one of thoroughbred racing’s “Triple Crown” events, drew more than 7 million viewers last week — again, far more than even LeBron’s game drew. Millions more, in fact.

So — what has happened to the NBA? Where are its loyal fans? Gone, obviously, but why?

Could it be due to the fact that the NBA isn’t really about pro basketball anymore but rather serves primarily as a ‘social justice platform’ for its very well-paid and hypocritical players?

Probably. After all, people can take being told how racist and unfair they are while listening to multimillionaire athletes complain about how much life in America sucks for only so long.

Fans can also take only so much hypocrisy — like when James tried to lecture Americans about the ‘limits’ of free speech by pushing back on a head coach who dared to voice his support for Hong Kong freedom fighters (which China hated, which Lebron owes allegiance to because China and the NBA are a thing).

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But wait — how come the NFL’s ratings aren’t similarly suffering? Well, they have suffered some; fans are leaving that sport as well, according to hard-to-find stats (which is by design, I’m sure).

Some of them are now patronizing professional sports leagues where 24-7 woke virtue-signaling and disrespecting the American flag while revering the flag of another country, and that’s a good thing.