BOOM! MRC Editor Goes on Epic Rant Against ‘Lying, Two-Faced Hypocrites’ Condemning Capitol Breach

It was difficult to find a truly noteworthy and powerful response to the gargantuan Democrat and RINO hypocrites who are claiming to suddenly be so outraged by protests that turn violent following an assault on the Capitol Building on Wednesday.

But we did: Media Research Center TV’s Brittany Hughes, host of the web series “Reality Check.”

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In a video posted on social media on Thursday, a day after the Capitol incident, Hughes roasted the “lying, two-faced hypocrites” mostly on the left who excused and, thus, enabled, BLM and Antifa rioting and violence for the past several months under the phony guise of combatting ‘racial injustice.’

After making it clear that there is no excuse for the kind of violence committed by a few hundred supporters of President Donald Trump, she went on to expose “left-wing mouthpieces and liberal politicians” who saw no evil (but plenty of justification) during BLM/Antifa violence.

The left came out en masse “to denounce violence and pretend that they didn’t spend the last – oh, I don’t know, decade – encouraging Black Lives Matter or Antifa to beat people senseless and set fire to the country.

“If you turned a blind eye to the insanity, the violence and the bloodshed that ripped apart our nation for months last year because it was your preferred group of victims calling it justice, you don’t get to say jack all about anything that happened yesterday,” Hughes said.

“So take several seats and shut up you lying, two-faced hypocrites!” she added.

“We were told again and again and again by the liberal news media and Democrat politicians and left-wing talking heads that all of that was perfectly acceptable because it was in the name of justice,” Hughes continued.

“Now these same demagogues who stumped for the communist thugs burning down our cities are clutching their pearls and grabbing for their smelling salts because the other side finally got pissed off enough to start throwing punches,” she added.

“The protest and anger is wrong because, what, now it threatens you?” she asked, calling out Sen. Chuck Schumer by name for referring to Trump’s supporters as “thugs.”

“You can’t say it when liberals are destroying cities and assaulting citizens and ransacking Target because it’s ‘racist.’ Those are just disenfranchised victims expressing their frustration with the system,” Hughes noted. “But Trump supporters lose their crap on the Capitol steps and suddenly we’re back to law and order, and being peaceful.”

“You don’t get to have it both ways, you hypocritical, two-faced, disingenuous sacks of garbage!” Hughes exclaimed.

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“You don’t get to sit here now, like you have some kind of high grind because you just dug out the moral compass out of your junk drawer yesterday, before rushing into your studio to blast people who you don’t like because they finally started swinging back,” she continued. “You celebrated violence for years.”


Watch it all, here (wait for the tweet to load):