BOOM: Newly Declassified Doc 'Clearly' Shows FBI Lied to Congress about Steele Dossier

Finally, a ranking Republican member of the Senate appears to have had enough of the chicanery and illegalities surrounding the deep state’s attempt to thwart Donald Trump’s presidency and then undermine it after he got elected.

On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) noted that newly declassified documents indicate beyond any doubt that elements of the FBI lied their badges off about the sub-source for the infamous “Steele dossier” when providing testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in 2018.


"This document clearly shows that the FBI was continuing to mislead regarding the reliability of the Steele dossier. The FBI did to the Senate Intelligence Committee what the Department of Justice and FBI had previously done to the FISA Court: mischaracterize, mislead and lie," Graham said in a statement released by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chairs. 

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"The characterizations regarding the dossier were completely out of touch with reality in terms of what the Russian sub-source actually said to the FBI," he continued. 

"What does this mean? That Congress as well as the FISA Court was lied to about the reliability of the Russian sub-source. I will be asking FBI Director Wray to provide me all the details possible about how the briefing was arranged and who provided it," Graham added.

The dossier was pivotal to the FBI’s efforts to obtain and renew four FISA court warrants to spy on Carter Page, a one-time adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign – who himself was a known CIA asset, which the bureau failed to disclose to the court as well.

During an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, Graham noted that the FBI told the intelligence committee there was no reason to doubt the validity of the absurd, uncorroborated allegations contained in the dossier, even though the sub source for the information told former British spy Christopher Steele the information was unreliable.

"It was Horowitz, during his investigation of the warrant application, found information in 2018 where the FBI was called on the Senate Intel Committee because people were getting suspicious about the sub source ... at the Senate Intel Committee level and the FBI was sent over to brief them," Graham said. 

"And they did to the Senate Intel Committee what they did to the FISA court. They misled the hell out of them. They said there's no evidence from the sub source to suggest that Steele fabricated anything in the dossier."

Graham added: "Actually, the sub source said it was all bar talk, hearsay, speculation and conjecture, and the whole sexual activity of the president was made in jest. So they completely misrepresented to the Senate Intel Committee in 2018 what the sub source had told the FBI in 2017."

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Graham was adamant about what should happen next.

"Somebody needs to go to jail for this," Graham said. "This is a second lie. This is a second crime. They lied to the FISA court. They got rebuked, the FBI did, in 2019 by the FISA court, putting in doubt all FISA applications ... a year before, they're lying to the Senate Intel Committee. It's just amazing the compounding of the lies.

"I'm gonna find out who did that briefing, and whoever it is, they're in trouble," Graham said.

It'd be about time.