‘Brandon, Can You Hear Me?’ Biden Wanders Onto White House Set, Starts Talking to ‘Brandon’

President Joe Biden inadvertently created an amusing scene at the White House on Friday, when he wandered slowly onto a stage and then began talking to ‘Brandon.’ Watch:

“Alright. Brandon, how are you, can you hear me?” he blurted out to an unidentified man on stage.

“Yes, sir, thank you,” he responded.

“Good to have you pal,” Biden replied.

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It’s not clear if he was testing audio or just talking to somebody else in the room. Either way, it’s hilarious if Biden has an assistant named Brandon.

Readers might recall that an Oregon dad pranked the Bidens during a Christmas Eve event for NORAD’s annual tracking of Santa Claus. He actually tricked Joe Biden into saying, “Let’s Go Brandon, I agree.” Watch:

“Merry Christmas and let’s go Brandon,” the dad said as he signed off.

“Let’s go Brandon, I agree,” Biden said without missing a beat.

The dad who made the call was originally identified to be one “Jared from Oregon.”

Biden either doesn’t know what “Let’s Go Brandon” means or doesn’t care. He is oblivious to being the butt of Americans’ jokes, just like he is oblivious to the absolute disaster of an administration he is presiding over. It’s just sad at this point.

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