Brandon has Stopped Detaining Illegal Immigrant Families in Detention Centers

While it was bad enough that Brandon was letting illegal immigrants flood across the border and yet worse that he’s letting them fly around America as they please, in what might be the worse decision yet, now he’s not even detaining illegal immigrant families.

That’s according to Axios, which reported that, while some individuals are still detained, every illegal immigrant family has been let out of the detention centers:

“As of Friday, the U.S. had zero migrant families in detention facilities, according to internal government data obtained by Axios — with the last and largest facility used for the practice now being slated to hold only single adults.”

And no, it’s not because those families were slated for a speedier deportation than individuals. It’s because Brandon released them upon America, springing them out of jail to roam as they please before some trial that will theoretically take place years in the future.

Well, Team Brandon would dispute the “as they please” characterization. Though they were sprung from jail, they’re theoretically being kept track of with “bracelets and traceable cellphones.”

So, now, rather than simply have to lock up and feed those that illegally crossed the border and broke into our country, DHS has to track 150,000 devices.

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And those devices, in many cases, represent the family member that carries the tracking bracelet or phone, meaning that there are many more individuals that are not tracked.

What happens if the family splits up is left unsaid and undescribed, as is if the DHS would manage to notice if a few of them put the phone in a drawer and left.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, Brandon isn’t just handing out cellphones to illegals.

In cases where DHS wants to detain the migrants but can’t, thanks to Brandon, keep them in the detention centers built for that purpose, it has to house them in expensive hotels. Currently, the American taxpayer is paying nearly $90 million to house only 1200 migrant families in such hotel rooms, according to Axios.

So, if an illegal sprung from a detention center commits a crime, you know what’s to blame: Biden’s absurd, pro-illegal alien policies.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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