BREAKING: ABC News Rocked After New Project Veritas Leak Exposes Everything

Project Veritas has dropped another absolute bombshell on the mainstream liberal media.

This time, their victim is ABC News.

Among other things, Project Veritas journalists caught ABC News political correspondent David Wright admitting that they don’t give President Trump credit for the good things he does.

“I Feel Terrible About it, I Feel That the Truth Suffers, the Voters Are Poorly Informed…Our Bosses Don’t See an Upside in Doing the Job We’re Supposed to do; Which is to Speak Truth to Power and Hold People to Account.”

This release gives us a glimpse into the corrupt nature of the mainstream liberal media, and how their #1 agenda is to deceive the American people. The video below will show you the great lengths they go to make sure that there is no good coverage of President Trump.

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Watch the full release here:

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Here are some highlight quotes from what you’ll see above:

• David Wright: “We’re All Guilty of the Same Thing…I’m Speaking About Broadcast Television…ABC, CBS, NBC.”

• Wright: “I Don’t Think We’re Terribly Interested in Voters.”

• Wright: “We’re in This Awkward Moment…We Have This F**king President, and We Can’t Figure Out How to Challenge Him.”

• Andy Fies, ABC News Producer: “I Mean People in New York Are Constantly, I Think, Fascinated By; ‘How Can People Like Donald Trump?’ ‘How Can People Understand’ You Know, Well F**k! Cross the Hudson Now and Then, and Come Out and Spend Some Time, and You’ll Hear Why! You Know? And I Still Think That We, We Still Don’t Understand Voters.”

• Andy Fies: “When You Talk to People, and You Talk About the Things That Bother Them, They’re Not Video-Friendly…So You Know, Real People, You Know, Talk About Practical Issues, When They’re Thinking About a Candidate; ‘I Want to Go Back to the Workforce,’ or ‘I Can’t Afford Childcare’ or ‘I Need Medical Care for Whatever.’ Those Things Aren’t TV-Friendly. We Want to Focus on Impeachment, We Want to Focus on the Big Sh*t Going on, But the Things That Help People Make Up Their Minds Are Little Sh*t.”

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Check out this wild conversation from ABC News Producers about how out-of-touch they are with the American people:

ANDY FIES, ABC NEWS PRODUCER: “I mean the people in New York go and hangs out – I mean people in New York are constantly, I think, fascinated by; how can people like Donald Trump? How can people understand – you know, well f**k! Cross the Hudson now and then, and come out and spend some time, and you’ll hear why! You know? And I still think that we, we still don’t understand voters. right?”

ANDY FIES, ABC NEWS PRODUCER: “So, you know, real people, you know, talk about practical issues, when they’re thinking about a candidate; ‘I want to go back to the workforce,’ or ‘I can’t afford childcare’ or ‘I need medical care for whatever.’ Those things aren’t TV-friendly. We want to focus on impeachment, we want to focus on the big sh*t going on, but the things that help people make up their minds are little sh*t.”

DAVID WRIGHT, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: “…in addition to the candidate of the week, we need the story to move on…so we’re happy to have Buttigieg be the story last week, and we’re happy to have Klobuchar as a new subject this week, and then when we’re tired of her, we’ll be delighted if Elizabeth Warren kicks ass in Nevada. Because then we have something new to talk about.”


DAVID WRIGHT, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: “It’s just the new – we just want conflict, we want urgency, we want now, we want to push- but showcase output and experience counts too.”

ANDY FIES, ABC NEWS PRODUCER: “Wait, when did we f**k up? Four years ago? Today?”

DAVID WRIGHT, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: “We f**ked up four years ago. And we’re f**king up in the same ways today. Would you agree?”

ANDY FIES, ABC NEWS PRODUCER: “No, I think we’re f**king up in a different way.”

DAVID WRIGHT, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: “How are we f**king up in a different way?”

ANDY FIES, ABC NEWS PRODUCER: “Well actually maybe you’re right. Maybe it is the same. Not giving candidates their due…”

DAVID WRIGHT, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: “Like doing the flavor of the month thing, flavor of the week.”

ANDY FIES, ABC NEWS PRODUCER: “Yeah, and horse racing.”


ANDY FIES, ABC NEWS PRODUCER: “It’s all about the f**king horse race. We can’t stop ourselves.”

The fallout of this release is still unfolding, so stay tuned to for the latest!

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