BREAKING: Betting Markets Now Favor ANDREW CUOMO Over Bernie Sanders For Dem Nomination

According to the betting website Predict It, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who isn't even running for president, has a higher chance of clinching the Democratic presidential nomination than socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

"Andrew Cuomo is now more likely to be the Democratic nominee than Bernie Sanders, according to PredictIt," tweeted editor in chief with Five Thirty Eight Nate Silver.


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Check it out below:

Cuomo's rise in popularity comes as he has received national attention as he works with President Donald Trump to combat the coronavirus in the state of New York.

Fox News has an interesting take on Cuomo's sudden rise to fame. Check out what the outlet reported:

Have Democrats found an alternative to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination?

Some seem to think so: The hashtag #PresidentCuomo -- referring to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo -- was trending on social media Saturday as the party’s voters continued to mull who should take on President Trump in November.

Just a day earlier, the hashtag #WhereIsJoe was trending as some wondered why Biden's national profile seemed to shrink amid the crisis -- a situation Biden said he planned to address next week.

Cuomo has been appearing on television daily since the coronavirus crisis began – largely because his state leads the nation, with more than 12,000 confirmed cases of the virus, also known as COVID-19.

Many viewers have been responding to Cuomo’s comments about teens and young adults, many of whom Cuomo says have been “unintelligent and reckless” in refusing to heed authorities’ advice about “social distancing” to avoid spreading the virus.

"These pictures of people on beaches, these videos of young people saying, 'This is my spring break, I'm out to party,'" Cuomo said to reporters on Thursday. "This is so unintelligent and reckless. I can't even begin to express it."

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On Saturday, Cuomo doubled down.

“There’s a significant amount of non-compliance, especially in New York City, especially in parks,” he said. “I’m gonna go down there today, I want to see what the situation is myself.”

“President Cuomo is really raising the bar for leadership [right now], and I’m here for it. #PresidentCuomo#CoronavirusPandemic,” said a user on Twitter.

“Proud to have Gov Cuomo not only leading NY but also the country. #PresidentCuomo.” said another. “We’re already tested more people than any city . . .”

Fox News continues:

The governor’s frequent appearances on television – national as well as local -- seemed to be overshadowing Biden and Sanders, the two Democrats whose presidential campaigns have largely stalled since the coronavirus crisis began.

Cuomo’s sudden emergence in the spotlight may have the two White House hopefuls worried.

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