BREAKING: Biden Reveals Plan To Sabotage Trump’s Midnight Orders On DAY 1

Unless an unprecedented series of events occur in DC over the next week, it appears that Joe Biden will complete the steal of the 2020 election and be installed in the White House by the deep state.

According to Fox News, his first order of business will be to sabotage President Trump’s latest executive orders on Day 1 of his “presidency”.

Here’s more from the Fox News report:

President-elect Joe Biden will issue an executive order halting “midnight regulations” on day one of his presidency, incoming White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday. 

“We’re announcing today that the Biden-Harris White House will issue a memo to take effect on the afternoon Eastern Time on January 20 that will halt or delay midnight regulations, actions taken by the Trump administration that will not have taken effect by Inauguration Day,” Psaki told reporters. 

The freeze on midnight regulations is just one of the many actions Biden has planned for his first day in office. The president-elect has also promised he will rejoin the Paris climate agreement and rejoin the World Health Organization immediately. 

This is just the beginning of Biden’s plan to undo as many of Trump’s “America First” policies as possible.

Biden would put America last, and that’s never been more clear.

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