BREAKING: Biden’s Newest Endorsement Just Might Be The Final Blow To Bernie Sanders

Though Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign came out of the gate on fire, it has since ‘berned’ out after losing a series of primaries to Democratic rival and former Vice President Joe Biden.

And now, thanks to the most recent endorsement of Biden’s campaign, it looks like it’s all over for Bernie but the crying.

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., an icon of the American civil rights era, has now endorsed the former VP, according to Biden’s campaign.

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The endorsement comes well ahead of Georgia’s Democratic primaries, when Biden will attempt to drive the final nails into Sanders’ campaign coffin.

The Daily Caller notes:

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Lewis, who has represented the people of Georgia for 17 terms in the House, is a civil rights hero and marched on Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama, back in 1965. In a statement released by the campaign, Lewis urged young black voters in Georgia and other states to rally behind Biden. To date, Biden’s support, especially among members of the black community, has trended significantly older, and he has failed to pull some of Sanders’ more enthusiastic young backers.

“If we fail to vote, we don’t count,” Lewis said in a statement. “The vote is the most powerful, nonviolent tool we have in society, and we must use it.

“I have stared down the deepest, and darkest forces in this nation,” he continued. “Vice President Joe Biden and I both believe that we are in a fight to redeem the soul of America. I know Joe Biden as a man of character and dignity — a man who can not, and will not rest when he sees injustice in our American home.”

Interestingly, the ‘dark forces’ Lewis faced off against, at much personal risk and injury, in the 1960s-era Deep South were Democrats, the party he chose to join so long ago. But that’s a story for another day.

Lewis is also insisting that Biden select a “woman of color” as his running mate, because to Democrats gender and skin color should be the determinant factors for a national leader instead of qualifications and experience.

In any event, Biden is going along with the demand. He’s previously pledged to choose a female running mate and the names of both Sen. Kamala Harris of California and Georgia House of Representatives Minority Leader Stacey Abrams have been suggested as possible picks.

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Whomever Biden chooses, however, will join him in in what will likely be an uphill battle to knock off President Donald Trump, who will no doubt have a post-coronavirus economic boom and resurgent public confidence with him heading into the November election.

As for Sanders, many Democratic politicos say he blew his early lead by being too far to the Left — as in, to the Left of Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong.

Five Thirty-Eight notes:

There was Jesse Jackson in 1988 and Bill Bradley in 2000. There was Howard Dean in 2004 and Bernie Sanders in 2016. Candidates running as liberal or populist alternatives to more center-left, establishment candidates have often lost in Democratic primaries. And while the party has shifted left on policy and some of its most compelling figures (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Elizabeth Warren) are very liberal, the center left has generally won head-to-head battles with the left over the last four years, whether the battlefield was policy debates on Capitol Hill or congressional and gubernatorial primaries. 

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