BREAKING: Bill DeBlasio Demands Cuomo Resign Immediately Or Be IMPEACHED

Moments ago, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was forced to condemn his Democrat counterpart Andrew Cuomo after shocking new sexual assault details were released to the public.

NY Attorney General Letitia James announced on Tuesday that Cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees, violating both federal and state law after an investigation that lasted several months.

Moments after the bombshell new report, DeBlasio released the following statement:

“It is beyond clear that Andrew Cuomo is not fit to hold office and can no longer serve as Governor. He must resign, and if he continues to resist and attack the investigators who did their jobs, he should be impeached immediately,” De Blasio said.

Cuomo immediately denied the allegations and refused to resign:

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Twitter has EXPLODED with reaction after these bombshell revelations:


This is still a developing story. Stay tuned for more…