BREAKING: Bombshell Report Alleges That Biden Allies Colluded With Iran Before The Election

According to a bombshell new report, former Obama officials worked behind the scenes with the Iranian government to undermine then-President Trump and America’s foreign policy.

The stunning report that lays bare the disrespect that top Democrats had for Trump, a contempt that was so intense that they would rather cut secret deals with the planet’s top sponsor of terrorism than respect tradition and longstanding protocols to not undermine the sitting U.S. president in foreign affairs.

According to the Washington Times, the officials led by former Secretary Of State John Kerry met with Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif while Trump was in the White House. The main objective was to pave the way for the reinstatement of the 2015 nuclear deal with the Islamic republic that was the crown jewel of Obama’s precious legacy if the Democrats regained control over the U.S. government.

Kerry was one of the architects of the controversial Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that was abandoned by Trump in 2018.

The secretive negotiations with Iran could be a violation of the Logan Act that bars negotiations between U.S. citizens and foreign governments deemed to be hostile to America.

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Via Fox News, “John Kerry ‘colluded’ with Iran to undermine Trump, report says”:

Biden administration officials, including John Kerry and Robert Malley, had meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif during the Trump administration that were orchestrated to undermine President Biden’s predecessor, a recent report from The Washington Times claims.

Zarif held meetings with Obama administration veterans who could return to power “to devise a political strategy to undermine the Trump administration” and usher in softer diplomacy between the U.S. and Iran, according to an unnamed former senior U.S. official cited by The Washington Times.

The official was discussing face-to-face meetings between Zarif and influential Democrats in 2017, 2018 and 2019, according to The Washington Times.

Kerry is now Biden’s climate envoy, and Malley, who was part of creating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) regarding Iran’s nuclear capabilities, is Biden’s Iran envoy.

The Washington Times reported that while former President Donald Trump’s attempts to set up a back channel with Iranian officials, meant to defuse tensions, fizzled, Democrats like Malley were meeting with Zarif.

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The report describes Zarif as having deep influence within America and cites a former U.S. official as saying that he is “the bat signal” for a pro-Iranian fifth column that includes college professors and think tank employees who work to promote the agenda of the ayatollahs domestically

According to the Washington Times:

Mr. Zarif’s power extends far beyond the negotiating table. Numerous sources have told The Washington Times that he wields tremendous influence over a tightly knit group inside the U.S. that has long advocated for Washington to take a more accommodating tack toward Iran.

The sources, including several from the U.S. intelligence community who spoke on the condition of anonymity, described a “web” of activity tied to prominent think tanks across the United States, as well as lobbying efforts that reached directly into the White House during the Obama years.

It’s an informal union of Iran apologists and pro-diplomacy advocates that helps amplify Mr. Zarif’s talking points, giving the Iranian Foreign Ministry influence over public opinion in the United States and considerable sway in left-leaning political and social circles.

One former U.S. official described Mr. Zarif as “the bat signal” for a network that encompasses left-leaning university professors, think tank analysts and other corners of civil society calling for a less-confrontational relationship with the regime in Tehran.

“He’s the signal for an echo chamber internationally that has been established over time,” the former official said.

Some foreign policy analysts argue that the shadow diplomacy between Mr. Zarif and the former Obama team was particularly striking because Iran at the time was backing plots to kill Americans stationed in neighboring Iraq and the regime was funneling money, including funds it received from sanctions relief under the JCPOA, to terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah.

The deference that has been shown to Iran – a nation that has expressed a desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth – by Obama-Biden Democrats would be an outrage in a country that has a free and fair press, too bad that we don’t live in one.

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