BREAKING: Breakthrough Medical Study For Hyroxychloroquine May Vindicate Trump And Change Everything

French Professor Didier Rault has conducted another successful test of Hyroxychloroquine, and the results could completely vindicate President Trump.

The media won’t be happy to hear this, but Professor Rault’s test resulted in ANOTHER success rate above 90%! Of the 80 patients given the treatment, 78 recovered!

Watch this quick recap of the results from Fox News’ Laura Ingraham:

Professor Rault tweeted about his results (English translation of his study can be seen below the tweet):

Hydroxychloroquine tests are being conducted in New York City as we speak, but no results have been announced at this time.

However, if the drug proves to be a winner, President Trump will be vindicated once again.

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One of the most disgraceful things the media has done during the Coronavirus crisis is downplay the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a potential cure.

After Professor Nault conducted his first successful test over a week ago, Trump was encouraged by these results and told the press that it could prove to be very effective against the Chinese Coronavirus.

Not long after, an idiotic man from Arizona died after drank FISH TANK CLEANER because it contained a form of “Chloroquine”. Right on queue, the media blamed President Trump for this.

Worst of all, when they reported the story about the man dying, didn’t even mention the fact that he drank fish tank cleaner. They simply said he “took the drug that President Trump recommended”.

This is one of the most egregious lies that has ever been told about Trump, and the media must not get away with it.

And, if hydroxychloroquine proves to work on a large scale, the liberal media will never be able to live it down. Their credibility will be destroyed more than it already is.

Tucker Carlson summed it up perfectly in a monologue this week, saying that “If Trump is for it, the media is against it, even if it saves lives”: