BREAKING: China Takes Huge Action Against Trump Officials Just Minutes After Biden Is Sworn In

Just minutes after Biden was sworn in, China took swift action against Trump officials in a chilling vision of events to come.

As you know, Biden is completely in bed with the Chinese government and that was more evident than ever with a new round of sanctions that are clearly politically motivated.

Here’s the report from Bloomberg:

China announces decision to sanction 28 U.S. figures who it alleged to have severely violated China’s sovereignty, including officials in the Trump administration, according to a statement from the Chinese foreign ministry, Bloomberg News reports.

Sanction forbids these people and their family members to enter China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, and any entities associated with them won’t be able to do business with China

Jack Posobiec wasn’t at all surprised by the move from the Chinese communists:

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Only time will tell how many times Biden will team up with China to target conservatives or anyone who was ever associated with Trump.

Buckle up, they want revenge.

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