BREAKING: Chuck Schumer, Some Republicans Call For 25th Amendment To Be “Immediately” Used Against Trump

On Thursday, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer called for President Donald Trump to be removed from office through the 25th Amendment after protesters stormed the capitol building

“What happened at the U.S. Capitol yesterday was an insurrection against the United States, incited by the president. This president should not hold office one day longer,” Schumer said.

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“The quickest and most effective way — it can be done today — to remove this president from office would be for the Vice President to immediately invoke the 25th amendment. If the Vice President and the Cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress should reconvene to impeach the president,” he continued.

Check out what The Hill reported:

Talk of invoking the 25th Amendment has spiked since Wednesday, when rioters overran the Capitol, breaching both the House and Senate chambers and suspending the counting of President-elect Joe Biden‘s Electoral College win for hours. Congress reconvened on Wednesday night and formally finished tallying the win early Thursday morning. 

Schumer is the highest-ranking Democrat to throw his support behind removing Trump from office with roughly two weeks left in his administration. Democratic lawmakers, outside groups and even GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.) have thrown their support behind the idea. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has not weighed in on removing Trump through the 25th Amendment in the wake of Wednesday’s violence. 

A source confirmed to The Hill on Wednesday night that administration officials have started discussing the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, an extraordinary step that would require a majority of Cabinet officials plus Vice President Pence to declare to Congress that Trump is unable to fulfill his duties as president.

GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger also called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked

“It’s with a heavy heart I am calling for the sake of our Democracy that the 25th Amendment be invoked. My statement:” he said on Twitter with the following video

According to CBS News, Trump Cabinet members were allegedly discussing invoking the 25th Amendment however it has not been brought forward to Vice President Mike Pence.

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“This is not news that we deliver lightly and I want to make clear that what I am explaining here is what is being discussed, whispered about, among some cabinet members today,” CBS noted in their live broadcast. “And that is whether to move forward with formal proceedings to try to invoke the 25th Amendment. That would allow for the removal of President Trump from office and for Vice President Mike Pence to effectively become commander-in-chief for the remaining days of the Trump presidency. Uh, my sources are telling me it has not been formally presented to the Vice President. This is not about to happen, it is however being discussed right now. The very fact that the highest levels of the U.S. government and cabinet members are discussing this uh, is quite newsworthy, quite notable. Uh, and it underscores the moment that we are at. Uh, I just want to make clear this is not just political watchers, these are not just Democratic lawmakers who have been speculating all day that this should happen, I’m talking about actual members of the cabinet.”

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