BREAKING: Cruz to declare China 'most dangerous geopolitical threat' in new legislation

Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday introduced legislation that not only holds China responsible for the coronavirus pandemic, but identifies the Asian giant as America’s foremost global nemesis.

In a speech, the Texas Republican plans to declare China ‚Äúthe most dangerous geopolitical threat‚ÄĚ facing the U.S. as he introduces measures that target Beijing‚Äôs Communist government, Hollywood, and ChiCom propaganda, the Washington Examiner reported.


Cruz argues that the U.S. must engage in a ‚Äúfundamental reassessment‚ÄĚ of how it is currently dealing with China, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic that originated in the country.

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He‚Äôll also introduce three pieces of legislative which are aimed at focusing on ‚Äúhow we unwind from China.‚ÄĚ

The Washington Examiner notes:

The Ending Medical Censorship and Cover Ups in China Act would sanction Chinese government officials who engage in medical cover-ups or in political censorship. The Stopping Censorship, Restoring Integrity, and Protecting Talkies Act would cut off any Hollywood studio from federal assistance if it decides to self-censor its films to get them played in China. And the Blocking Evasive Attempts to Manipulate Signals Act would close an apparent loophole in Federal Communications Commission regulations that currently allows China to purchase Mexican radio stations and beam its propaganda into the U.S.

‚ÄúI‚Äôm introducing these three bills to thwart China‚Äôs attempts to force Americans to self-censor, to spread propaganda, and to silence Chinese doctors, journalists, and activists who try to tell the truth about diseases and pathogens,‚ÄĚ Cruz says.

‚ÄúThese bills are part of a larger endeavor to untangle the United States from China‚Äôs web and to hold the Chinese government accountable for hiding the truth about coronavirus from the world and sparking a deadly and devastating pandemic.‚ÄĚ

The Ending Medical Censorship and Cover Ups in China Act requires the president to provide to Congress the names of people who have ‚Äúengaged in censorship or other activities with respect to the People‚Äôs Republic of China.‚ÄĚ

The measure sanctions anyone who would ‚Äúprohibit, limit, or penalize the exercise of freedom of expression or assembly by citizens of the People‚Äôs Republic of China"; those who ‚Äúpenalize citizens of the People‚Äôs Republic of China for the public dissemination of accurate epidemiological information, including information related to emerging diseases or pathogens‚ÄĚ; and those who ‚Äúlimit access to print, broadcast, digital, or social media."

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Evidence that China moved to cover up the spread fo coronavirus, then muzzle whistleblowers, intimidate physicians, and mislead the World Health Organization is well-documented. Some studies say if China acted more quickly to alert the world to the virus and engage in other mitigation, then the coronavirus outbreak would have been far less widespread.

In April, U.S. intelligence officials said they’ve found evidence the ChiComs downplayed the severity of COVID-19 initially and that China went on to mislead the world about the true rate of infection and death inside the country caused by the virus.