BREAKING: Facebook Removes Trump Campaign Ad On ANTIFA, Accuses Them of ‘Nazi’ Imagery

On Thursday, Facebook removed one of President Trump’s campaign ads for “organized hate.”

The ad that was deleted was targeted at ANTIFA and rightfully called out the left-wing extremists for domestic terrorism and violence.

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Check out what Breitbart reported:

During the George Floyd riots, Attorney General William Barr described the actions of Antifa as domestic terrorism, and President Trump has also confirmed that he intends to label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.

The now-deleted Trump ad featured an inverted red-and-black triangle to symbolize the Antifa movement, which uses the red-and-black color scheme in their badges, flags, and propaganda as a form of ideological identification. Red-and-black are the historical colors of the anarcho-communist movement, and red triangles are an Antifa symbol according to products available for purchase.

“Dangerous MOBS of far-left groups are running through our streets and causing absolute mayhem. They are DESTROYING our cities and rioting – it’s absolute madness,” the now-deleted Facebook post read.”

“It’s important that EVERY American comes together at a time like this to send a united message that we will not stand for their radical actions any longer. We’re calling on YOU to make a public statement and add your name to stand with President Trump against ANTIFA,” the post continued.

“Please add your name IMMEDIATELY to stand with your President and his decision to declare ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization,” it finished.

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According to Facebook, the red triangle that was posted is a “hate” symbol because it is similar to a symbol that was used in Nazi Germany.

“We removed these posts and ads for violating our policy against organized hate,” a Facebook spokesperson said to New York Daily News. “Our policy prohibits using a banned hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol.”

The Trump campaign later responded to a news article on Twitter posted by Media Matters.

“Facebook let the Trump campaign run 88 ads with inverted red triangle — an infamous Nazi symbol,” Media Matters tweeted.

The Trump Team replied: ““This is an emoji. It’s also a symbol widely used by Antifa. It was used in an ad about Antifa. “It is not in the ADL’s Hate Symbols Database.””

They elaborated on how the symbol is often used by Antifa.

“The red triangle is an Antifa symbol,” said Trump campaign spokesman Ken Farnaso.

Instances like this is why the Trump Administration is starting to take action against tech giants.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Department of Justice is getting ready to take back protections for big tech companies which will force them to be more accountable for content on their platforms.

The bill will most likely be shown to Congress on Wednesday and will go after tech and social media companies.

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Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Section 230 protects a wide variety of web services, platforms, and content providers from liability for outside content that passes through their servers. The law, passed in the early days of the internet, is a key legal protection for large social media platforms and internet search engines. Any change in the law’s protections could drastically affect the way those companies operate.

To a lesser extent, the law also protects media outlets from liability for comments posted on their articles. Section 230 also provides a wide degree of latitude to all internet companies to police content posted on their sites.

President Trump signed an executive order last month ordering the Federal Communications Commission to review the law amid allegations from conservatives that powerful tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are unfairly censoring conservative viewpoints under the guise of combating racism, sexism, and other forms of so-called hate speech.

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