BREAKING: Florida State Rep Calls on DeSantis to Take Massive Action Against Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Twitter

On Tuesday, Florida State Rep. Randy Fine called on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to take massive action against several Big Tech companies in response to their disgusting attacks on free speech.

“Florida taxpayers should not be forced to do business with entities that censor them.” – said Fine.

Fine is urging DeSantis to divest state funds from key players in Big Tech including Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter due to their attack on conservatives.

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“I am deeply disturbed to see the country’s major technology companies use the actions of these few as a pretext to silence tens of millions of good, patriotic Americans, millions of whom live here in Florida,” Fine said in his letter to DeSantis.

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“It is clear that Twitter and Facebook are engaged in one-sided viewpoint discrimination on targeting conservatives. These companies allow actual terrorists around the world to use their platforms to target America, Americans, and our allies, without as much as a peep..”

He continued, “And it is not disputed that Amazon, Apple and Google are actively working to eliminate any alternative outlets where conservatives can speak freely.”

Fine went on to state how he will be bringing forward legislation to ban state and local governments from conducting business with these tech powers.

“They may get to decide who they do business with. So do we,” he said.

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The letter from Fine comes after Big Tech launched one of the most disgusting attacks on free speech over the span of the past week.

Here is a quick recap of some of the key events that took place last week against President Donald Trump and conservatives across the world:

Facebook banned President Trump from their platform for at least two weeks.

Twitter permanently suspended President Trump and accounts related to his campaign.

Twitter purged hundreds of thousands of users on their platform.

Google delisted free speech app Parler from their app store.

Apple is threatening to delist Parler from their app store unless they start censoring conservatives.

President Trump’s email service banned him from sending emails to his millions of supporters.

Mozilla, the owner of internet browser Firefox, vowed to take action against President Trump and his allies.

Shopify removed President Trump’s campaign online store from their platform.

Payment processor Stripe banned the President from using their service.

Youtube is now considering removing President Trump from their platform.

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