BREAKING: Flynn's Lawyer Reveals Why The Obama Administration Targeted Him

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was targeted by Obama-era deep staters within the intelligence community because he was going to expose corruption and clean house, his lawyer, Sidney Powell, said Thursday.

In an interview with Fox Business Network, Powell said she wasn’t sure if the ‘order’ to target Flynn by setting him up in an FBI perjury trap so he could be fired or charged came from the White House — President Obama — or not.


But she did note that Flynn became an outcast in the Obama administration when serving as the director for the Defense Intelligence Agency, garnering the wrath of then-CIA Director John Brennan and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper for opposing their views on ISIS.

Also, she noted that Flynn didn’t agree with the Obama administration’s pursuit of a ‘nuclear deal’ with Iran, which caused him to fall out of favor with the former president as well.

However, what really worried Clapper, Brennan, and fired FBI Director James Comey was Flynn’s pledge to incoming President Donald Trump to “audit” the intelligence agencies and clear them of deep state careerists who were regularly violating the law and the Constitution’s privacy protections with mass unauthorized surveillance.

“He was going to audit the intel agencies as he came into the White House and that was one of the things they were terrified of,” she said. “Plus, the knew as NSA (national security adviser) he would immediately discover their [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court] abuses and their incredible widespread general surveillance abuses of the [Obama] administration.”

Powell also noted that Flynn was likely going to discover and dismantle what she called Brennan’s “fusion center that brought NSA and FBI officers together with CIA to make sure that those proverbial dots would be connected,” Brennan told MSNBC in August 2018.

That center is believed to have been equipped with “The Hammer,” a high-speed supercomputer, but its purpose was plain, Powell noted: Massive illegal spying and surveillance of Americans considered to be political opponents of the Obama regime.

In doing so, she said, Brennan, Clapper, and other careerist deep staters involved “used the NSA database as their own research operation.”

The American Report noted in October:

On February 3, 2009, Brennan and Clapper commandeered the powerful foreign surveillance tool known as “THE HAMMER” and turned it against America for the purpose of “blackmail” and “leverage.”

Brennan and Clapper took “THE HAMMER,” the Montgomery-designed-and-built supercomputer system that had previously served as a foreign surveillance tool and that was once located at eTreppid Technologies in Reno and later at Blixware in Washington state, and relocated it on February 3, 2009 to a CIA facility in Fort Washington, Maryland. 

At the Fort Washington Facility, Brennan and Clapper transformed “THE HAMMER” into a domestic surveillance tool and began targeting President Obama’s political enemies.

Powell goes on to speculate that there are a number of former ranking intelligence and Justice Department officials who could have leaked the contents of a December 2016 phone call between Flynn and then-Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak to the Washington Post, to include the aforementioned people as well as Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice and former top FBI lawyer James Baker.

Watch around the 1:26 mark:

What has been largely left out of the entire story regarding Flynn is that he wasn’t just the head of the DIA for awhile, but rather, he spent nearly his entire military career in the intelligence community.

What does that mean? For one, it means that he would have been aware that Kislyak’s phone call was being monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies because U.S. intelligence agencies always monitor calls involving foreign dignitaries on American soil (and, honestly, beyond American soil).

Also, being a lifer in the intel community meant that Flynn knew Clapper and Brennan were blowing smoke up Obama’s backside in downplaying the threat from ISIS because they, for some reason, wanted the terrorist group to thrive — perhaps to give the then-president an impetus to inject the U.S. into the conflict somehow.

Additionally, his career intelligence experience told him that Iran could never be trusted to make a ‘nuclear deal’ to put off the construction of a weapons program — not something Obama wanted to hear.

All of which add up to this: Flynn wasn’t just ‘picked’ by the Obama administration for the heck of it. He was targeted specifically because he knows exactly what the former administration and it’s lying, hack careerists at CIA and the DNI’s office were doing — very likely on behalf of President Obama.