BREAKING: Spirit Airlines Removes Jewish Family With Special Needs Child Because 2-Year Old Was Eating Without Mask On

Shocking new video footage shows a Jewish family with a special needs child being removed from a Spirit airlines flight because their 2-year old daughter wasn’t wearing a mask while eating.

Joe Biden must be incredibly proud.

“What did I do?” asked the mother.

“I told you, if you’re not in compliance, you have to get off,” the flight attendant said sternly.

“What did we do?,” the husband asked again.

“Non-compliance with the mask,” the attendant replied.

“We’re wearing masks!” both parents replied.

“She’s not wearing a mask,” said the angry attendant as she pointed to the young girl.

Watch the entire situation unfold here:

Below is Part 2. This video reveals that the mother is pregnant. They also have a special needs child. Sadly, the heartless Spirit airlines proudly kicked them off the flight anyway.

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Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.