BREAKING: John Solomon Confirms Trump Will Declassify “FOOT HIGH” Stack Of Documents Exposing Obamagate And Russiagate

On Thursday, John Solomon told Lou Dobbs that Trump has a “foot high” stack of documents that he has ordered to be released concerning Obamagate and the Russia hoax.

Many people doubted that Trump would come through on this promise, but it appears that he is delivering in a big way.

Solomon told Dobbs that the documents would be released as soon as Friday, but no later than Monday.

Speaking of Trump, Solomon said “He has delivered in a big way. More than a foot-high stack of documents he has authorized to be released by the FBI and the DOJ. These are the things that the FBI has tried to keep from the public for 4 years. They have amazing, big picture revelations,” Solomon said.

Watch the bombshell segment below:

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