BREAKING: Liberal Commentator Keith Olberman Calls For IMMEDIATE Coup Against President Trump

It has begun. The left is going to attempt a violent coup against President Trump.

Fat-left liberal commentator Keith Olberman has called on the left to overthrow President Trump TONIGHT. Keep a watchful eye, as far-left groups like BLM and ANTIFA may very well follow his lead.


In our opinion, the Secret Service needs to get in involved RIGHT NOW. The leftist commenters on his videos are in total agreement with him The left is all on board with his plan.

"TRUMP MUST BE REMOVED AND ARRESTED, TONIGHT. Gripped by a paranoid delusion, threatening the nation's safety, this can't wait any longer. It won't happen; in fact he'll probably concede and instantly announce he's running in 2024," Olberman said.

Watch below:

Olberman also wants Mike Pence to be arrested tonight:

As a reminder, Olberman was the man who called for President Trump and his entire administration to be prosecuted and "expunged" from society.

The first shoe has officially dropped. We need to make sure President Trump is protected at all costs.


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